Butterfly Marketing is Live!

Enough of the hype already. The site is finally live.

But I wanted to tell you of the incredible bonuses I will be giving away to the first ten people who purchase ButterFly Marketing from my link:


  • Free Custom Flash Header value $350
  • Free Custom Header Graphic value $250
  • Free Profressionally Designed Website template value $2000
  • Search Engine Optimization Consult value $200
  • Free plug of your website to the GuruListing.com mailer Value $300

All together, with the purchase of ButterFly Marketing I am also giving away over $3000 worth of original content!

So, grab yours today! You won’t be sorry.


Rock on,

Gurulisting.com TonyRocks.com

p.s. I can only offer these services to 10 people, so act now!

“Less than 3 days, 8 hours, 6 minutes, and 23 seconds left until it happens…”

ble width="434" cellpadding="4" border="0" align="center"> Right now you’ll have to wait 3 days until the release. I’m telling all of you this now so you can be prepared for this life-changing event. Don’t laugh, you will soon see what I mean. Butterfly Marketing will blow you away.

Butterfly Marketing Photo of Mike Filsaime

Mark Joyner Grills Mike Filsaime

class="MsoNormal">Less than 6 days, 9 hours, 46 minutes, and 32 seconds left until it happens…
Oh yeah, I’m sure you’ve already heard from the blaze of emails popping up in the inboxes of thousands of us, but things are moving really fast with the Butterfly Marketing promotion so I wanted to give you an update…

Here is the latest deal of what to expect…hold on to your hats:

1 – Sneak Peak – See the Butterfly Marketing Sales page 1 day early.
2 – Mike is now giving away 2 (yes 2) free course. One live on a call with Mark Joyner – You need to attended to win live…
3- Launch time as been moved (see below)

*** Live Call Monday January 30th at 8PM eastern *** (call link below)

This is going to be a match up bigger than anything in the past…I’d like to think of it as the Led Zeppelin vs. KiS* fight of the 70’s. The Mike Filsaime and Mark Joyner will talk live On Monday.

The coolest thing about this call is that Mike is giving a random listener a FREE copy of the course live on the call.

Mike also reveals the sales page (with no order link) live on the call for you to read for 90 minutes… The reason is is so important is because there are fast mover bonuses on Tuesday (live day) and now you can review the sales page and see the bonuses so you can race to the order button on Tuesday while others are still reading the sales page.

This bonus will move faster than greased Scotsman in an air duct!

FINALLY.. Not only will Mark Joyner grill Mike live to squeeze out every last detail … Mike will reveal a results of Marketing Research he did based on buying times of his members of thousands of purchases made all over the world over several months.

The time you send email will forever change when you hear these results. This aint no lie!

To get on this call with OVER 1000 people and 5000 people on world wide web cast, get the CALL OF THE YEAR details here, now.


Rock on My Friend,

Tony from TonyRocks.com

*** Tuesday January 31st at 12PM eastern ***

The site goes live and hundreds are expected to purchase the first (and maybe the last) of the Butterfly Marketing Course produced.


Joyner vs Filsaime, Butterfly Bout

Yes, I have been pushing and pushing Mike Filsaime’s upcoming package called Butterfly Marketing. Why? Look, I’m making absolutely no money at all by promoting this to my email list, but I feel soo strongly about Mike’s concepts that I would feel guilty not letting you in on the whole deal. It is not everyday that you can get your hands on an actual product created by a internet marketing master such as this.

Mike has informed me that he is now starting to blow the doors open with this, revealing so much so soon that you will feel blown away.


So far he has given away a fr_e copy, will be giving away another copy, provided us with a leaked chapter, the list goes on. Mike knows his stuff, and he wants to prove that to you. Coming soon Mike will take part in an “interrogation” tele-conference with the famous Mark Joyner. I won’t tell you the details now, but please go ahead and check out the special page he has set up to reveal more to you!


Thats all for now my friend,
Talk to you soon!


P.S. You must sign up soon to get on the call with Mark Joyner and Mike soon or spots will run out!


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