Creating Online Comics

My friend Todd, an avid comic book geek, runs a really cool online comic website called – Comics for Cynics.  I’ve been asked to be a guest artist for the site, so I decided to come up with cool little comic for the site.

I write/draw the comic using Flash and send the final PNG off to Todd to publish every Monday morning.

I’m pretty pleased with my latest creation, so I figured I would post it here for your enjoyment.

Graywold…AKA Graywolf Rocks!

I really get a kick out of reading Michael Gray’s Graywolf’s SEO Blog.  I’ve learned more from Michael about SEO than any other person on the planet.

What inspired me to write this post was the fact that I couldn’t remember the URL of Michael’s website…I tried to Google it.  But, I missed a keystroke or two and typed “michale graywold.”

Would you know it, Michael is so popular that even the monolith otherwise known as Google had the intuition to ask me:

Did you mean: michael gray wolf?

Michale Graywold, you are my hero.

Kimkims Diet Scam – The New Buzz

kimkims-diet-heidi-diaz I do occasionally keep an eye on Google Trends to see what the latest buzz is, and wouldn’t you know it, the Kimkims Diet is totally on fire

The primary reason for the super buzz of the Kimkims diet is the fact that the founder of the Kimkims diet, Heidi Kimberly Diaz, must please her case to a jury today.

Aparently, Kimkims lied about herself and her product.  She claims to have lost 200 pounds using her diet plan, when in fact she is still considered an obese person!

Interesting indeed…from Atkins to this fisaco, diets will always be the rage for some reason or another!

Does Google PR Ranking Really Matter?

doula I’ve been told time and time again that Google PR ranking is an important thing if you want to be listed in the top of Google’s search results.

However sometimes things don’t make sense to me when it comes to Google and their explanation of the PR rank. According to Google, the higher your PR rank, the higher you will rank in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

This doesn’t make sense to me because I put together a website for my wife, who is a Doula in the Pittsburgh area.  If you type the phrase doula in Pittsburgh (which is the phrase she wanted people to find her by), her website is ranked #1 in Google. 

However when I visit her site, not one page has a PR ranking higher than zero.

So if PR ranking plays a big role in how high your are in the SERPS, then how can my wife’s Doula website be ranked #1?

OS X Leopard…Finally Stable as Windows Vista

You heard correct! Word is out that OS X Leopard is so mature that it is giving out what Mac users have teased Windows users with for years…a Blue Screen of Death.  Below is a picture some Mac users are getting when installing Leopard:


it is nice to see that Apple was smart enough to display some information on the screen to help the end user understand what caused their sweetie-pie Mac to crash.  I’m joking of course. 

Anyways, if you are getting a blue screen of death with your new Leopard install, then chances are that there may be a conflict with a third party software package.  Apple was nice enough to offer a solution: