Thu. May 16th, 2024

bluebeach_logo I’ve been a strong proponent of using either Joomla or WordPress as the basis of any content management platform.  I’ve done some work in the past with Drupal but found it to be a little clunky and cluttered for my taste.  However last night I was able to attend the Pittsburgh Drupal Group held at Brillobox and I’ve gotta say that Lin Clark, possibly the smartest girl in Pittsburgh,  really showed me some cool stuff that has got me thinking…maybe i should dabble a little more.

Out of the box, the Drupal administration section is hard to grasp.  So many options, so many links, so much terminology.  However after attending the meeting i was able to see that there are quite a few modules that can be plugged in to change the look and feel of the administration section of Drupal.

If you really want to see what Drupal has to offer AND you life in the Pittsburgh area, I strongly suggest heading to the Pittsburgh Drupal User Group (Meet Up) website to keep updated.

I think the next step for me, obviously is to see how I can take Drupal and run with it to be an SEO powerhouse to promote my chiseled jaw secrets 🙂

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