Recently I’ve been juggling a few of my Google Adwords campaigns around.  Just to see some change in performance with CTR and landing pages.  Out of curiosity I wanted to get an idea of how much people are paying for ads related to the moving industry.  I figured there was some kind of need for it since people move from place to place regularly.

Using the combined power of the Google Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator, I found some interesting numbers.   People are paying big bugs for clicks related to moving.  In particular, moving companies in selected metropolitan areas (New York, San Diego, Chicago).

I haven’t been this giddy since the days of MFAM websites…Made for Adsense Mesothelioma.

This also sounds like a fun time goofing around with Adsense arbitrage, but I’ve sadly maxed out my budget for Google Adwords campaigns. 

From now on I’m strictly going organic.   No, not for my choice of food, but for my choice of search engine ranking. 

I’m also going to blow the whole purpose of relevant website targeting by having the next 10 posts to Tony Rocks be completely about moving companies in selected metropolitan areas.

I know, sounds completely stupid, but since my Alexa rank (which is a worthless gauge anyway) has floundered and my PR ranking has plummeted, I figured, why not. I’ll take a chance.

In preparation I will be adding new categories to the blog.  Ones related to moving companies, and then sub categories of localized interests…like moving companies in San Diego, Moving Companies in Dallas and so on.

So brace yourselves.  The Tony Rocks Moving Company Content Irrelevancy Experiment begins Tuesday.

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