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Payment Processing OnlineOne of the biggest challenges facing online business is online credit card processing.  It is difficult to run a successful e-commerce project without being able to make credit card transactions.  Sure you can opt for PayPal, but things should be transparent. 

Credit card processing involves many things, such as the verification of the consumer’s credit card number, expiry date, and other data connected with credit cards.

Most free credit card processing companies charge only a nominal fee per transaction or a monthly percentage fee. Therefore, free processing helps you save a significant amount of money every month. Some of the things to be aware of are regular credit card processing involves the payment of a statement fee, a minimum fee, a discount fee, and a license fee, in addition to start-up fees.

If you opt to go with free credit card processing, it is advisable that you visit a credit processing firm to learn what kind of transactions are generally done in credit card processing. Third party credit card processing companies can be a good resource for those who are looking for a less expensive means to accept credit cards online. Usually the merchant account doesn’t charge any fee for many transactions, including phone, fax, retail, mail, Internet, or wireless businesses.

One of my new favorite online credit card processing places is Electronic Transfer Inc. For one, they’ve been around since 1989.  They accept All Major Credit Cards as well as Electronic Checks, Debit Card Payments, and Private Label Gift Cards; processes Non-Cash Transactions for Internet Businesses, Mail – Phone Order Merchants, and Retail Point-of-Sale Merchants, as well as processing Checks and Direct Debits online and by phone with a merchant account. 

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