If you are like me you are having a hard time coming up with Christmas ideas for people.  Well come up no more, I’ve found the motherload of awesome gift ideas.  Ideas that are great to bring back to work after the Christmas holiday.  Great gift ideas that will annoy every co-worker and pal of of yours.  I’m talking about a declaration of war with these gift ideas. 

I’ve gotta tell you that I love the X-treme Geek guys…they find the coolest things to sell but I don’t think I’ve seen something as cool as these things.  Now I told you this was a declaration of war.  They have the coolest rubberband gun I have ever seen.  This is the Tommy Gun Rubberband gun.  Just make sure you’ve got the thing loaded up. 

Holding down the trigger delivers a bunch of rounds to the person next to you.  Rather than going postal, I simply suggest going rubber.  They also sell targets and extra “ammunition” as well.

X-treme Geek Homepage

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