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Writing articles is a quick way to get the word out about your product or service and also provides a means to increase your link popularity in Google.  We all know that Google is THE place to be listed in order to get tons of free traffic to your site.  There are quite a number of article depot type sites out there.  You can write articles and submit them for others to pick up and add to their site or news feed.  One site in particular that I particularly like is

Writing articles and submitting them to the hundreds of news sites can be time consuming, if not impossible.  I’ve come accross a great package deal that helps your write your own articles and then actually submit them to themajor e-newsletter outlets.  The package is called Instant Article Submitter and it actually comes with a program called Instant Article Creator:  a step-by-step news creator wizard.  I’ve got to say no person on the web should be without this package.

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