It’s that time of year to start writing about seasonal things such as costume ideas, thanksgiving recipes and even Christmas ideas for 2012. But let’s be honest, sometimes it is just tough to start writing anything…even if the post ideas are obvious. Many times I find myself getting out of a slump by simply writing something totally different than what I was planning.
Back when I was writing celebrity gossip articles for gather.com, I found my inspiration through google zeitgeist. Things have changed since then, so now I like to get my inspiration from google trends, also known as google Insights. Upon visiting the site you can click the hot searches links to see what the latest buzz is today. Today’s inspiration happens to be the following:

  • Yankees
  • the steelers
  • Columbus Day

Go figure that a popular search would be Columbus Day on a day that happens to be Columbus Day. Well there you go, perfect writing inspiration fodder. I mean, come on, how many time have you hears somebody say “Columbus didn’t discover America!” Here’s your chance to write something somebody would actually read.
Hopefully after this little exercise, your brain will be inspired to get back on track to writing something about what the coolest costume ideas for 2012 are, with of course your affiliate link embedded in the post!

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