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The best content management system (CMS) in my opinion is WordPress. Forget your blogger, forget your moveable type, forget it all. I LOVE WordPress and use it to manage the content of my sites…hence the name, Content Management systems. Ok, I’m getting circular, so I’ll jump out of the loop (nerd programming humour).
Many of you will think, “hey, WordPress is a blogging script, not a really versitile CMS.” I beg to differ. Yes, we all love WordPress for blogging, nothing does better, but did you know you could use it to make a typical presentation site (non blog-like) with a static homepage? The beauty of WordPress CMS is that there are soo many themes to choose from, you can easily add Adsense code and there are plenty of pluggins that make WordPress the best content management system.
I have been messing around with a site that promotes DVD copying software over at Browse through the site and you will see that I have file names the same as the product, kinda like Perma links in Word press. This is great for SEO for sure and let me tell you, the Google Analytics does not lie about that. It is becoming very difficult to manage that site simply because I have no content management system to run it. I’ve decided to make a change and try to convert it over to use WordPress as the CMS.
The problem is that I don’t really want the site to look like a blog. I wanted people to show up for the site..see a static page and then see categories of links and things. I’ve been experimenting with this over at…a site I was using to give away free XM tuners. But now the site soley exists as a test bed for SEO experiments and other things.
Just to give you an overview of what I am doing to make this look like a non-blog site using WordPress as the Content Management System, here is my point list:

  • I need theme that displays pages…I’ve decided to go with 2cDarkGrey from Sreejith
  • I need to define a page as the main static homepage…Just needed the Filosofo Homepage Control for CMS
  • Next I need to ad Adsense Code
  • Review my friend’s website that seamlessly uses WordPress as the Content Management System

Now, there is not much there at yet, but keep in mind this is a work in progress, but I’m telling you, once you go WordPress for content management systems, there is no turning back. Please, I invite you to post some great examples of sites using Word Press as the CMS that don’t really look like blogs.

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