scanion moving company in NYC I know I’ve been really favoring a certain moving company in NYC to get my crap moved from Trenton to Manhattan, but man, I feel gipped.  Scanio Moving and Storage of NYC ( is a premier moving company in NYC that gives me more options than the other place.

I’ve got some old stuff that is pretty breakable.  Scanio has testimonials from antique store owners in NYC who have used Scanio Movers in the past to move their breakables around NYC. 

I’ve got old Roman Vases I dug up at MT. Vesuvius that I don’t want broken.  According to their website, Scanio specializes in moving fine art and antiques and services in both the residential and commercial sectors of NYC.

Scanio has a reputation that to hold up since 1941 as being one of the safest and most reliable moving companies in NYC.  They also have past customers to back that claim. 

Check out Scanio Moving and Storage Company today:

Scanio Moving and Storage
1439 1st Avenue

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