Coming Soon – Free iPods, Playstations and Xbox 360s

Since it is the holiday week, I’m sure nobody is going to be reading any posts…or even looking for any.  This is aparent upon looking at my web stats for the weekend.  But, just in case you are checking the blog, I just wanted to let you know that I will be posting  afew things next week explaining the Get a Free Whatever websites.  You’ve seen them and I’m sure you’ve probably clicked on a few ads about them.

I’ll expose to you how these sites operate and even give you some information on how to start your own.  Just a few lessons in programming and affiliate marketing.

Have a good week!

Dannon Releases New Toxic Spring Water?

From the same company that told you that drinking more milk will help you lose weight, Dannon releases their new and incredibly confusing product Dannon Spring Water with Fluoride!  I don’t know what angle Dannon is trying to take with their new marketing campaigns, but from what I understand fluoride (sodium fluoride) is not something you want to ingest. 

First of all, sodium fluoride is a by-product of copper, iron and aluminum manufacturing…a pollutant.  Back in the 1930s a study was conducted to figure out how to get rid of this by-product.  After a big successful pr effort, the conductors of the study concluded that fluoride can prevent tooth decay.

So yeah, you are probably saying, but don’t we have fluoridated water from the tap?  Why yes we do!  But check out this little tid-bid: According to a World Health Organization study conducted since the 1970s, there has been a steady decline in tooth decay over the passing years in the U.S., France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and a bunch of other European Nations.  But, looking at the fact, only the U.S. fluoridates its water should tell you something.

Consuming too much fluoride is quite toxic.  There is enough fluoride in a tube of toothpaste to kill a small child.  Now, Dannon claims that there is an acceptable amount of fluoride in one serving of their Spring Water, however, their recommended serving size is only 8 ounces.  Does anyone really follow the serving size of anything (Unless you are on Weight Watchers)?  Also, on a hot day I have been known to consume about 3 bottles of water which is the equivalent of about 32 oz of water.  Now that could be allot of fluoride.

Awesome Facts About Fluoride:

  • Too much can cause dental fluorosis…the discolorization of the teeth enamel and eventual crumbling.
  • Was once used as insecticide and rat poison.
  • Once absorbed, fluoride binds calcium ions and may lead to hypocalcemia.

According to the EPA, “Some people who drink water containing fluoride in excess of the Maximum Contaminant Level over many years could get bone disease, including pain and tenderness of the bones. Children may get mottled teeth.”

Yeah, it is almost impossible to not ingest toxins, but if you can help it, why not?  And why put yourself at risk?  I’m just confused as to why Dannon is pushing products like these.  They make some awesome Yogurt and I think they should stick to that.

Office Fun – The Spreading Corporate Buzzwords Game

 I really enjoy spreading horrible buzzwords around the office.  If you don’t know what I mean by buzzword then please look at the Corporate Buzzword (and phrase) Generator and you’ll get the picture.  You’ve probably even participated in the viral act of spreading crappy buzzwords and didn’t realize it. 

The basic concept is this…you are in a meeting and one person decides to use a word that is rarely heard, just to describe a simple topic, idea, or action.  You think to yourself, Gee, that is a cool word. Then at your next meeting you decided to speak up and utilize your newfound gem of a word, perfect for describing something mediocre for purposes to dignify.  I think we owe alot of this crap to the era of companies.  They all seemed to be interested in e-business and synergizing multi-tiered stuff and junk.

So Tony, what words have you’ve heard that are rarely used, but once mention are spread like wildfire?  Here are a few that I’ve heard distributed through the office over the past year:

  • Fruition
  • Synergy
  • This code is “baked”
  • Leverage
  • Irrespective
  • Copasetic
  • Touch Base

Yes, there are quite a few more, but I need to stop before I throw up. 

Now lets get back to the Spreading Buzzwords Game.  I’ve put together simple instructions/rules to help you pass the time until the holiday is here.

This game works best when you get about 4 of your closest work buddies, each pick a buzzword or phrase (use my tool if you need some ideas), and then release the words into the workplace. 

Each time your word or phrase is used in passing, meetings or whatever, give yourself a point.  At the “end of the day” (one of my favorite phrases) tally up  the scorecard and see who wins. 

Extra Two Point Bonus:  If you really want to have some fun, just insert a buzz phrase, but use it incorrectly and see if anyone notices.  If you another person uses that phrase later in the day, give yourself 2 points!

Not only is this a fun and entertaining game, it is a great experiment to see how fast word travels.

Google Apps – Cool Webtools or Big Brother Apparatus?

google apps Just last week Google announced that they’ve added domain registration to their nifty Google Apps platform.  If you are a 100% user of Google gadgets then I have to say, adding this to the Webtools is a great addition.  However I’m like the smart investor, don’t put all your eggs into one basket…like Enron stock.

For a quick run down, the Google Apps gives you Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Page Creator, and a few other things.  If it wasn’t cool enough to allow Google to scan through all of your emails and use that information to establish “statistics”  now Google can keep track of where you are, will be or who you are talking too.   So why stop there?  How about recording every Talk conversation?  I bet it is already happening. Please take a peek at one of my older postings Why Hate Microsoft When You Have Google?

Now this complete suite of web tools looks to me like a one stop big brother gathering machine.  Lucky for us Google likes to keep our information private.  Or they value our privacy.  Or they like to run an open and free sharing network of information.  Like censoring websites in China. 

Ok, so I’m being paranoid, but I really like my information to be private.  If Google were to easily bow down to the communist, then who is to say that they wouldn’t easily say “Here is EVERYTHING he had to say, plan, type and author?” Slippery Slopeness in my opinion.  Oh well, the world is like that these days.  I guess we’ll all just have to keep our noses clean.

My Favorite Christmas Gift Idea

If you are like me you are having a hard time coming up with Christmas ideas for people.  Well come up no more, I’ve found the motherload of awesome gift ideas.  Ideas that are great to bring back to work after the Christmas holiday.  Great gift ideas that will annoy every co-worker and pal of of yours.  I’m talking about a declaration of war with these gift ideas. 

I’ve gotta tell you that I love the X-treme Geek guys…they find the coolest things to sell but I don’t think I’ve seen something as cool as these things.  Now I told you this was a declaration of war.  They have the coolest rubberband gun I have ever seen.  This is the Tommy Gun Rubberband gun.  Just make sure you’ve got the thing loaded up. 

Holding down the trigger delivers a bunch of rounds to the person next to you.  Rather than going postal, I simply suggest going rubber.  They also sell targets and extra “ammunition” as well.

X-treme Geek Homepage