Why Pay for inbound links? Because it works.

Inbound links play a giant role in how Google ranks your pages and sites.  Sometimes it is quite difficult to get those inbound links organically.  You could always pay an agency to buy links for you, or you could search the web and find relevant places to purchase your inbound links. I’ve recently been reading […]

Pittsburgh Drupal Group

I’ve been a strong proponent of using either Joomla or WordPress as the basis of any content management platform.  I’ve done some work in the past with Drupal but found it to be a little clunky and cluttered for my taste.  However last night I was able to attend the Pittsburgh Drupal Group held at […]

Seo web design

seo web design is the process of developing a website that is search engine-friendly, leading to increased rankings in the search engines and better positioning means more customers. Scientific studies demonstrate that the majority of people who visit a website for the first time originally find it through a search engine. The vast majority of […]

Black Hat Article Generation Secrets

It is no secret to many "black hat" SEO folks that one of their favored approaches to building site content is by using automatic article generation. Please allow me to explain, for those of you who are not familiar with this. The trick is to generate lots of unique content that either contains Adsense ads […]