Tony Schiffbauer – The Sexiest Man In Pittsburgh

the sexiest man in pittsburgh - tony schiffbauer Yes, it is true, Tony Schiffbauer, is THE sexiest man in Pittsburgh!  Why is that? Well, the answer is obvious, he is awesome.  Yes, I know, I am Tony Schiffbauer, but there is no sense in not gloating. Being the sexiest man in Pittsburgh does come with some benefits.  I can't tell you what they are, but they do exist. Rock on. -Tony the sexiest man in pittsburgh

Your Favorite Web Sites from Over 20 Years Ago

It is amazing to see how much web design has changed over the past 20+ years.  Looking at some of the old sites will make you want to puke. 1) MSN.com - Not really known for brand identity? Well, at least in this case.  This screen shot is actually from 1996. msn-1998 2) Apple.com - Aint actually too bad looking.  This pre-dates the whole glassy looking style that Apples has been known for. Check out the HOT Mac Pro! apple-1998 3) MTV.com - There is something modern about this crappy old design...could it be the Best Experienced with IE icon? mtv-1998 4) eBay.com - This is an old shot from 1996, which is actually missing the old logo. Still, pretty cool to see how primitive this site once was. ebay-1995 5) Microsoft.com - Goes to show you that their design skills haven't changed much...they've just added blurry shadows and transparency. microsoft-1998 6) Target.com - One of my favorite stores, known for cutting edge commercials had a cutting-cheese web site. target-1988 7) Yahoo.com - I love it that Google looks as simple as the original 1996 Yahoo. yahoo-1988 8) Alexa.com - Wow, they were really on to something with this Internet technology. alexa-1998 9) Google.com - I'm feeling ugly! Pretty hot looking site..even for 1998 google-1988 10) Google.com - One Month Later...much better looking.  Nice blurry jpg logo btw: google-1998-2

Celebrities with no teeth or eyebrows – totally hilarious!

Silly stuff…cracks me up when you see celebrities with no teeth or eyebrows. Thank goodness for Photoshop for making these wonderful  photos possible. celebrities with no teeth or eyebrows - robert pattinson Robert Pattinson without teeth or eyebrows. The silly thing about this one is that most recently Robert mentioned that he regrets getting his teeth worked on. I'm not sure why, I don't actually know what his teeth looked like before, but, well, atleast with Photoshop, dental work is free of charge! celebrities with no teeth or eyebrows - Katy Perry Katy Perry without teeth or eyebrows.  Wow, this has to be the best photo of celebrities with no teeth or eyebrows. Justin Timberlake Justin Timberlake without teeth or eyebrows.  I know this one is bad, but it still cracks me up.  Justin Bieber Justin Bieber without teeth or eyebrows.

The Terminator was a Commodore Vic-20

Recently I've been on a retro computing kick.  I don't know what it is but I am always amazed to see how much stuff you can pull out of a machine from the early 80s.  The retro computing scene is running full-speed around the world.  People are coming up with new games for old platforms like the Atari, Coleco, Commodores and others. After muddling around a few retro computing sites I found something that made me stop and drool (Get your mind out of the gutter, I'm 100% geek)...a guy who claims to have made the Commodore Vic-20 talk with no extra hardware. For those of you who don't know, the Vic-20 was one of the most popular and powerful computers released in the early 80s.  This thing was a total powerhouse: 3.5 K of RAM, 1 MHZ (yes <MHZ, NOT GHZ) 6502 CPU, 22X23 character display, 176X184 pixels and 16 colors. So back to the graphics and sound demo.  The one I am speaking of is "Robotic Liberation" by Pers' Wastaieset Productiot.  This demo placed first at the Assembly party in 2003...27 years after the Vic-20 was released to the public. The whole thing runs on an unexpanded Vic-20 and the story line is a bit creepy...just watch the video as the story unfolds.  The music is excellent and the "voice" is just so strange that it is awesome.

Laminates for Kitchen Cabinets

So what  wanted to do is start writing some posts around the niche of laminates.   Laminates for kitchen cabinets to be exact.   I've noticed that there aren't many items indexed in google for laminates so I figured I'd give it a shot.

What are Laminates for Kitchen Cabinets?

Good question.  Laminates are a wood-like material used in the construction of many things from desks, flooring, tables and also kitchen cabinets.  I remember spending lots of time in the old RV while travelling cross country with my dad.  Since you want to keep as much weight off of a vehicle, using a laminate for kitchen cabinets and other things seems to make sense.

Where can I purchase laminates?

There are plenty of companies that offer some great ideas for laminates.  One in particular is OMNOVA.

The Blackberry bWatch?

Could this be Blackberry's last ditch effort to find some kind of relevance in the market?  This appears to be a prototype image of the latest offering, the bWatch. I could be wrong though. Blackberry bWatch? Some of the features:
  • Calculator
  • LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY! (who needs Sapphire Crystal?!)
  • Back light
  • Easy to see in sunlight
  • Battery stays charged for 2 years AND is replaceable!
  • Water resistant
  • Alarms
  • Adjustable wristband
  • It is only $15!
    ** UPDATE - This appears to be a CASIO CA53W-1 Vintage watch with a fake logo. Ah well...