SEO for Google Images

seo google imagesOne thing to always remember is to take advantage of SEO for Google Images.  Just a few tips to take advantage of getting indexed in Google with your Images. (From Digital Point) Make sure you don’t miss out on the traffic image search can bring (if you post images on your blog or website) here are the factors you should take note of:
1. Text Surrounding Images – Note that the distance of the text from the image also counts so it makes sense to place the image as near as possible to the related text.
2. text of pages linking to the picture
3. the number of websites containing the same or similar image – This helps determine relevancy of image to the search term
4. size of image – Usually the image with higher resolution ranks better. Note though that users can filter search results by file size. The reasoning behind this may be more for the viewing pleasure since a higher resolution image looks better.
5. Image Resolution – Remember though that loading your page with lots of high resolution images may bog down your site causing it to have a longer loading time. Make sure you do not sacrifice usability and accessibility!
6. link relationships between images – Images that are linked together and have related associated text will help determine relevancy
7. frequency of image’s appearance in website – This pertains to logos and other recurring images. It helps determine importance and relevance of image to the website topic.
8. face and name detection – The more faces on an image the higher it is usually ranked. On the other hand if a specific name is queried then a single face with the person searched for will rank better.

How to watch local channels with Roku on your TV (Solved)

HD Antenna is how to watch local channels with RokuLike many people I decided to try out Roku 3 Streaming Player and drop my Fios tv.  One of the first issues that came up was how do I watch local channels with Roku?  After days of searching I found nothing but dead ends.  Some folks said to add a private Roku channel that streamed some local affiliate channel.  Well, it did, and it was bad.  Very low quality and the channel wasn’t local enough.

The solution of how to watch local channels with Roku is quite simple!

Living in the Pittsburgh area I really wanted to be able to watch KDKA, WTAE and WPXI.  Mostly because I wanted to watch the Mentalist.
Another option was to try PlayOn, which, actually will cost you a subscription fee in order to watch local channels such as WTAE, KDKA and WPXI.
HD antenna to watch local TV with RokuMy solution? Well, amazingly enough, I totally forgot that these local channels actually still broadcast over the airwaves.  Right!  An antenna! I need to buy an antenna.  An HD antenna.  This sounded expensive to me, also I reminded me of watching tv back in the 80s.  Remember having to wrap foil around the antenna in order to pick up your local channels?
As it turned out, it didn’t cost me more than $12 at Walmart.  I bought a cheap RCA Digital Flat Antenna ANT1050R HDTV, which plugged right into my flat panel Samsung TV.  All I needed to do was tell the tv to autoscan for channels.
BAM, just like magic I was watching my local channels in HD without even needing the Roku.  An believe it or not, the HD quality over the air was incredible.

DVD Copying Software Sites – More Like DVD Scam Sites

DVD Copying Software Last year I decided to put together a website about consumer product reviews.  The idea was simple…get an idea of what people are looking for and provide to them an honest review of what to expect with the purchase.  I wanted to start out small, so I figured I would review DVD copying software.
It is amazing how many shareware, malware, spyware and real DVD software programs  are out there.  I thought my time would be best spend reviewing products from companies that also have an affiliate program (hey, I do this kind of stuff for fun so I’ve got to pay the bills somehow).
Many of the sites that I came across displayed claims of not even needing a DVD burner, free video players, subscription services and all sorts of other incentives.  Soon after purchasing a few DVD software copying “programs” I started to run into something peculiar.

DVD Copying Software – What exactly is it?

Most of the sites were not actually giving me a program to copy DVDs at all!   It became apparent that around 80% of the DVD Copy sites I had reviewed only provided e-books explaining HOW to burn and copy DVDs. While not completely useless,  I felt really scammed that I could not make a backup of my director’s cut of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure DVD with the “program.”  I only knew where to find the programs to do so.  I guess if you are looking for an e-book to copy DVD programs, then go right ahead, but seriously…who really is looking for a stupid e-book when you only want to copy a DVD?
With price tags ranging from 19 to 49 dollars be sure to check the fine print which always seemed to be listed in the FAQ.
Tip: E-book DVD Copying Sites usually have really crazy flash animated headers.
If you want my opinion, stick to the department stores that actually sell  DVD copying software in a box.  There is a good chance that the product is not an e-book.
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Unfollow all on Twitter with Javascript

unfollow all on twitter scriptFolks have been asking me lately if it is possible to have a script run to unfollow all on their Twitter account.  But how to unfollow all on Twitter is a tricky subject.  Can you really unfollow all on Twitter without having to pay a website?  Well, yes it is possible, heck with Javascript and a console, pretty much anything is possible.  Below is a small line of source code that you can paste into your Chrome Javascript console and this will do the trick of unfollowing everybody.
I’m sure you have plenty of reasons to mass unfollow people, but don’t forget that Twitter does have its own set of guidelines of automation.  Although Twitter says that they don’t have an upper bound on follow/unfollow actions permitted, however they disallow bulk, automated, and aggressive follow/unfollow behavior.

Finally, how to unfollow all on Twitter – The script

So the script is from JamieMason called unfollow.js.  What you need to do to get it to work is this:
Go to
Keep scrolling to the bottom until all of your followers are loaded.
Go to the Javascript console in Chrome and paste this in and press enter:

[]‘stream-container .unfollow-text’)).forEach(function(button) {;

Let this thing run for a bit and you should be good to go.

Apple Hires Radio Shack to Design New MacBook

Macbook Pro Keyboard black Or atleast it appears to have hired Radio Shack to design their latest MacBook. I mean, come on…what is the deal with that chicklet looking keyboard? All of you Mac freaks who just drool over every design that Apple ever releases are in complete denial or on drugs if you think the new MacBook is cutting edge.
I guess this proves that yes, even Mac, the computer that is supposed to be more creative than the PC can come up with the Edsel, Pontiac Aztek or Ford Fusion. Remember the toilet seat MacBook?

Is the Macbook just a nod to retro design?

Ok, so what about my claim of Apple hiring Radio Shack? Well take a look at the following picture. Yes, kinda looks like one of those photos you’ve probably seen in an out-dated college textbook on information technology. This is actually the Radio Shack TRS-80 computer from the early 1980’s. Nice keyboard design. Those things were so cheap to manufacture because they didn’t need to spend money on springs and other mechanics in those keyboards. Tandy Color Computer Macbook keyboard )I remember Tandy nerds whining and complaining that their chubby fingers were having difficulty typing their online D&D character names on the little keys.) Tandy soon jumped back to regular sized keys with the CoCo II and CoCo III.
One can draw a conclusion with this new Apple design…they are losing money and getting a sinking feeling in their stomachs, worried that Microsoft’s and Dell’s portable mp3 players will eat up their market share…heck who knows what the next Ipod will look like. If the new MacBook’s keyboard is any indication, I’m willing to bet the next iPod will come complete with wireless headphones and a mullet.

Patent Proof of Weather Modification

weather-modification This is some really cool stuff…actual patents that related specifically with weather modificationPatent #4686605, Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere is an invention by Bernard J. Eastlund in 1985…just over 20 years ago.
Another interesting patent, which is related to the “Russian Woodpecker” is patent # 4999637, Creation of artificial ionization clouds above the earth.  This is some crazy stuff.  To say that Global Warming isn’t made made makes you wonder how false that statement is!
These patents are enough to make you think twice about the causes of global warming 🙂

Where do Guinea Pigs Sleep?

cat1Continuing with my posts about caring for guinea pigs, I wanted to talk a little about where guinea pigs sleep.  Yeah, they sleep, in your house, but where in particular should they sleep?  I suggest getting a nice cage for them with plenty of wiggle room, a little igloo-like house and a thing called a fleece forest.

leopard-fleece-forestI mean, seriously, check out this fleece forest.  Kinda reminds me of those beads back in the 70’s. I want a full-sized fleece forest for my house.

For more guinea pig supplies and cool places for your guinea pig to sleep, check out

What foods are poisonous to guinea pigs?

poison food for guinea pigsContinuing my posts about taking care of guinea pigs, I wanted to bring up the issue of what NOT to feed guinea pigs.  Mostly, answer the question of what foods are poisonous to guinea pig?.
It is very important to avoid some foods with guinea pigs.  After caring for ours, I found that there are many sites out there that says in one hand, this food is poison for guinea pigs, then on the other hand another site says that the food is ok, and won’t kill your guinea pigs.   Well, I’ve decide to compile a list of foods to avoid giving your guinea pig:

  • Apple – Seeds are poison!
  • Asparagus – gives the guinea pigs bad gas
  • Bananas and beets – causes constipation
  • Cabbage – bad gas
  • Celery – Chocking hazard for guinea pigs!

So, this lists of course is an abbreviated list, so I suggest doing more research on the topic and also check out’s list of what can guinea pigs eat.

Direct blog dictation from Npr.

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Dictating a blog post

Today I am experimenting with the dictating a blog post, WordPress in particular, using the voice control of my android phone. To show how good the transcription is I will not make any changes to the blog post. I will only post what I actually was dictated and transcribe for me speaking to my phone. I’m quite impressed with the quality of the transcription of the Android device, space it does seem to be a little more accurate than the Apple iPhone.