Kanye West Interrupts Patrick Swayze’s Funeral

Well, not actually, but I find it interesting that my Adsense earnings have been going up because of this latest search trend of Kanye West and the Patrick Swayze funeral interruption spoof. You see, years ago, as a joke, I started a blog of pure satire about Kanye West running for President in 2008.  It […]

The Pittsburgh g20 Trend is Climbing Fast!

I am amazed at the trend data related to the Pittsburgh G20 Summit. Of course the search trend for the G20 is growing higher in Pittsburgh than any other city, but it is interesting to see that it is also growing (as of today) in the following 4 locations: Philadelphia, PA Reston, VA Washington, DC […]

Halloween Costume Blogging Time

Tis the season to start blogging about cheap Halloween costumes.  But you’ve got to be a little more specific, like cheap Halloween costumes for kids, men and women.  This is my little trending trick that proves successful every year. So, if you are looking for cheap Halloween costumes, you’ve come to the right place.  I […]

How to Create Fresh Content – Google Translate!

Sometimes it is hard to come up with fresh content for SEO consumption.  This is apparent when you start seeing posts from by about free Rachael Ray cookware, or How to get Flat Abs. I’ve recently found an interesting approach at generating new content, although a bit controversial it seems to be an option.  Why […]

Adding Post Titles to Your Title Tags

Improve your SEO score by incorporating blog post titles into your <TITLE> tag of your WordPress blog.  How is that for a long sentence? Log into WordPress and edit your theme…look for header.php and change your title code to the following: <title><?php if(is_home()) { echo bloginfo(‘name’); echo ‘ | ‘; echo bloginfo(‘description’); } else { […]