The End of Google Bombing as We Know It

I have complained in the past about how crappy Google can be.  Especially when you see so many Google Bombs floating around that Google didn’t seem to mind.  Recently Google has announced a changed in their search algorithm to attempt to minimize the results of Googlebombing.  Search results for “miserable failure” and “santorum” should no […]

Taking on WordPress and Flickr

I’ve recently installed Community Server over on as an experiment in social networking and to extend the user experience to  This platform is pretty cool and is 100% ASP.NET 2.0/C#.  Everyone is used to running social networking apps with PHP/mySQL, so this will prove exciting to watch how it grows and handles user […]

Ping Pong Ding Dong – My Private Collection

My friend was asking me where to ping when he posts a new blog entry.  I told him to go out back behind the house if he wants. hehe…ok, that was a bad joke.  But anyways here is my list of ping services I use: If you are using Windows […]

My First Squidoo Lens

I have to say I’m in love with the publishing power of Squidoo.  I’ve just signed up and created my first “lens” about how those “Get Your Free XXXX” websites work.  I figured I’d write something about this because of the tons of pop-ups and banner ads floating around now about Getting a Free iPhone.  […]

iTunes Marketing is Retro 90’s Amiga Graphics Demo

You kids probably have no idea what an Amiga is or what a graphics demo is, so let me first give you a bit of history.  The Commodore Amiga was one hot stinkin multi-media machine created in 1984.  Since its inception programmers from all around the world would hold demo competitions…basically a super drinking party […]