Used Paintball Guns

 I’m sure you have your own ideas about spending money on paintball guns and have even considered buying used paintball guns.  Paintball is expensive and the price of a new paintball gun can run from $200 to $2000 dollars! So it makes sense to consider buying a used paintball gun. But, be careful when buying […]

Gun Marker Paintball

Recently I’ve been doing some research on the sport of paintball.  One thing I did found out was that paintball guns were called markers.  It is amazing how complex the paintball markers have become over the years.  Plus the sport of gun marker paintball is becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the world. […]

how to get into advertising and marketing communications

All through school I had this misconception that advertising and marketing was simply about making cool posters or producing neato commercials. I had no idea that advertising and marketing involved more than that…it involved know the ins and outs of communications. It wasn’t until I was all growed up and thrown into the real world […]

Tony Rocks More Popular than Back Street Boys at

Ok, so I may be stretching the truth a bit, but it you want to see what type of stuff is indexed on a site, just use the site: command in Google.  Ok, let’s see how many pages are indexed at for tony rocks: 1,450 results! For Backstreet Boys: 177 results! So […]

Advertising and Marketing Communications

When pushing for communications for your company it is important to remember that advertising and marketing go hand in hand and should be approached at the same time.  Both contain all strategies and tactics that are to be used with getting out your marketing message.  Advertising and marketing communications involves presenting the right message and […]

Google Thinks Social Media Links are Spam

I knew it was bound to happen…Google would rain on my parade of awesome social networking link sharing.  I’ve been using social linking effectively for a few years now, but all it takes is the internet marketing crowd to catch on and “SECRETS REVEALED TO GETTING MILLIONS OF PAGES INDEXED IN GOOGLE…PRACTICALLY OVERNIGHT!” Google has […]