Month: November 2012

Wii U

Where can I Pre-Order a Wii U?

The answer is not!  I’m pretty fed up with the affiliate program over at Walmart, especially with trying to promote the Wii U pre-order.  Every time I send somebody over there for a Wii U, they get the same message, “OUT OF STOCK ONLINE.”  What a load of crap.  So, I’ve decided to now […]

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Tony Deals

Furby Toys for 2012– Market Trend Increasing!

I’ve reported in my last post that the Furby toys for 2012 are a hot item.  I wanted to wait a few weeks before I posted a follow-up post, showing indeed how the trend is increasing.  As the Christmas holiday gets closer, I’m sure we’ll even be seeing much more Furby stuff floating around. So […]

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