Blog post inspiration – Google Insights

It’s that time of year to start writing about seasonal things such as costume ideas, thanksgiving recipes and even Christmas ideas for 2012. But let’s be honest, sometimes it is just tough to start writing anything…even if the post ideas are obvious. Many times I find myself getting out of a slump by simply writing […]

Mobile Website Navigation

The question always comes up when building websites for mobile applications…what will the mobile website navigation look like?  Before you even design your mobile navigation, it is important to look at the web enabled devices to target.  Building the best mobile website navigation will involve the traditional ideas of architecture, design, browser capabilities and so […]

cheap flights to islands – my new niche

Cheap flights to islands was an interesting term that I stumbled upon while looking for my next bum marketing experiment.  Travel pay per click terms in Google are quite expensive, so when I ran into this little gem i was amazed.  I was shocked to see that the general term for cheap flights to islands […]

Pittsburgh G20 – I’ll have the best view in town!

The Pittsburgh G20 summit is only 8 weeks away and I am still excited to see how things turn out.  I hope the weather in Pittsburgh improves by then…but still, I will be in the Brady Communications office watching from above.  We had an incredible view for both Pittsburgh Steelers parades.  I know the summit […]

Black Hat Article Generation Secrets

It is no secret to many "black hat" SEO folks that one of their favored approaches to building site content is by using automatic article generation. Please allow me to explain, for those of you who are not familiar with this. The trick is to generate lots of unique content that either contains Adsense ads […]

A Mac Virus? Da heck? Mac OS X Vulnerability? Huh?

I thought that the Mac OS didn’t have viruses or issues like Windows!  That is what they say on the commercials.  How wrong they are!  US-CERT has just announced a new vulnerability that affects Mac OS through the latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE).  Below is the statement: Original release date: May 20, 2009 at 11:22 […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Store Stacked

I know Mother’s Day is coming up soon so I figured I’d start the ole niche blogging.  I’ve recently created a Mother’s Day Gift themed website, using Store Stacker. The site is pretty slick, I pull in Mothers Day gift ideas such as poems,  books, gift baskets.  You know, all the stuff mom would want […]