ABCs On The Net – Mysteries of the Internet Jargon Explained

I’ve been working on the Internet since the early 90’s, so yes, I must admit that sometimes I do get a little annoyed when people stop and ask "What does web browser mean?" Also, after attending several Internet Marketing conferences it was quite apparent many "newbies" attending were lost when many of the speakers  talked […]

Special Report Generator – Convert those Cold Visitors

Who doesn’t like to offer free, special reports? It’s the favorite lead generation tool of most successful marketers! Truth be told, this is the secret that I’ve personally learned from great marketers such as Stephen Pierce and Mike Filsaime.  In  fact, there is one thing that Mike said to me that will stick with me […]

Secrets of my Miniature Pittsburgh Model Making

Well folks, I hate to tell you this, but the photos posted in the previous article are not actually miniature models.  Believe it or not, they are actual photographs taken from the birds-eye view of Microsoft’s Live Maps…then I used a technique called tilt-shifting to make these puppies look miniature. So, sorry, you cannot put […]

Cool Miniature Models of Pittsburgh Landmarks

This are pretty hot! You’ve probably never seen models of Pittsburgh with this much detail! I spent some time on these. I’ll reveal my secrets next post.  If you are a Pittsburgh blogger then tell me what you think of these. Mini model of the Freemarkets/Ariba building. Super cool miniature model of Pitt’s Cathedral of […]