Patent Proof of Weather Modification

This is some really cool stuff…actual patents that related specifically with weather modification.  Patent #4686605, Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere is an invention by Bernard J. Eastlund in 1985…just over 20 years ago. Another interesting patent, which is related to the “Russian Woodpecker” is patent # 4999637, Creation of artificial […]

Mobile Website Navigation

The question always comes up when building websites for mobile applications…what will the mobile website navigation look like?  Before you even design your mobile navigation, it is important to look at the web enabled devices to target.  Building the best mobile website navigation will involve the traditional ideas of architecture, design, browser capabilities and so […]

Anybody up for some YouTube Bum Marketing?

I’ve had so much fun in the past with “traditional” bum marketing techniques using, but now I am totally going after Youtube.  I was able to do some trend blogging to get top-spot in Youtube for the term Jules Verne Restaurant. So what I’m going to do is create a video, nothing big, just […]

facebook proxy

Siete a conoscenza che cosa è facebook proxy? Sapete che cosa contribuisce al mondo ad alta tecnologia di oggi? La facebook proxy si riferisce al programma di utilità di social networking che aiuta le persone a connettersi gli uni con gli altri con l’uso di apparati di rete e di programmazione. Quando si crea un […]

How to Create Fresh Content – Google Translate!

Sometimes it is hard to come up with fresh content for SEO consumption.  This is apparent when you start seeing posts from by about free Rachael Ray cookware, or How to get Flat Abs. I’ve recently found an interesting approach at generating new content, although a bit controversial it seems to be an option.  Why […]