Month: April 2014


List of Ping Servers for Blogs

My list of ping servers that I use when I do some blog posting. Not sure if they are all in use, so let me know if you run into any inactive ping servers. Also, some folks say that it is probably not a good idea to over ping from your blog. Inactive […]

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SEO for Google Images

One thing to always remember is to take advantage of SEO for Google Images.  Just a few tips to take advantage of getting indexed in Google with your Images. (From Digital Point) Make sure you don’t miss out on the traffic image search can bring (if you post images on your blog or website) here […]

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How to watch local channels with Roku on your TV (Solved)

Like many people I decided to try out Roku 3 Streaming Player and drop my Fios tv.  One of the first issues that came up was how do I watch local channels with Roku?  After days of searching I found nothing but dead ends.  Some folks said to add a private Roku channel that streamed […]

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DVD Copying Software Sites – More Like DVD Scam Sites

Last year I decided to put together a website about consumer product reviews.  The idea was simple…get an idea of what people are looking for and provide to them an honest review of what to expect with the purchase.  I wanted to start out small, so I figured I would review DVD copying software. It […]

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Unfollow all on Twitter with Javascript

Folks have been asking me lately if it is possible to have a script run to unfollow all on their Twitter account.  But how to unfollow all on Twitter is a tricky subject.  Can you really unfollow all on Twitter without having to pay a website?  Well, yes it is possible, heck with Javascript and […]

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Apple Hires Radio Shack to Design New MacBook

Or atleast it appears to have hired Radio Shack to design their latest MacBook. I mean, come on…what is the deal with that chicklet looking keyboard? All of you Mac freaks who just drool over every design that Apple ever releases are in complete denial or on drugs if you think the new MacBook is […]

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