Blog post inspiration – Google Insights

It’s that time of year to start writing about seasonal things such as costume ideas, thanksgiving recipes and even Christmas ideas for 2012. But let’s be honest, sometimes it is just tough to start writing anything…even if the post ideas are obvious. Many times I find myself getting out of a slump by simply writing […]

Finding an XPath to capture text without tags

I was having a hard time grabbing some text using XPath. The HTML in particular looked like this: <br /><div>I like twertles</div> <div>Funky    <br/></div> <p><code>This is my page: 345</code></p><p><code>      <br />Last Downloaded: 10/13/2011</code></p> All I wanted to snag was the date of the last download. As you can see, there is no obvious […]

How to use the Magnetic Lasso Tool in Photoshop

The magnetic lasso tool in Photoshop has to be one of the greatest features ever added to a paint program.  It is amazing how snappy and precise the tool is out of the box.  Go ahead and try it for yourself.  Simply click the icon and start tracing an area of your image and watch […]

Making Great PowerPoint Presentations

At one time or another, we all seemed tasked at creating a great PowerPoint presentation.  Out of the box, you can be pretty creative with your first PowerPoint presentation.  However, you’ve got to be careful to not put too much stuff in it.  You’ll bore your audience and make a mockery of what designers hold […]