Apple Releases the Ipad – for overnight protection

Suddenly, everything clicks. And swipes. And scrolls.  And gives you overnight protection!  Is it just me or does the new Apple MagicMouse look like a maxipad?  Again, it seems to me that they’re covert spies working within the design department at Apple.  It happened first with the toilet seat Imac, then the TRS-80 looking chicklet […]

Branding Services – Brand Identity Guide

Branding Services is a tactic that marketing executives and managers should not only understand, but also employ. Branding services helps your company clearly position your company over your competition by branding your product/service in the minds of your target markets. This helps build brand identity, brand image and overall brand equity. Once you build brand […]

Google Wave Preview Invitation – Sent by email

Anybody interested in a Google Wave Preview Invitation?  Well, I  certainly am!  Check out this post over at ebay to see one of the popular Google Wave Invitation auctions. Google Wave is going to be cool, but if you didn’t already know, some of the features are actually being used in Google Documents.  Go ahead […]

WordPress 2.8.4 Security Release

Another day, another vulnerability with WordPress.  Make sure you apply the latest patch, because according to the WordPress blog, the latest vulnerability permits a situation where a specially crafted URL could be requested that would allow an attacker to bypass a security check to verify a user requested a password reset. As a result, the […]

David Letterman Video – Viral Marketing Removed

Everybody has heard about the latest weirdness going on with David Letterman and what happened between his staff and himself.  The sad thing is so many people have only heard about, not actually seen the video because the CBS network keeps removing the video from because of copyright violations. In my opinion, good or […]