Google Gadget Ads – Going After the Fart Button

According to Google, Engaging and flexible ad units will give advertisers a new way to communicate with users online.  What a load of crap.  This is just Google’s attempt to take over all advertising media, or pretty much strong arm other companies into giving up their technology because Google sucks. Apparently this “new technology” will […]

Making Money Online with Click Bank

Click Bank was the first affiliate marketing resource I’ve ever used.  Good ole Michael Rassmussen introduced me to the incredible revenue building power of affiliate marketing and Click Bank about 6 years ago.  While hanging out in San Francisco at the Flash Forward Conference, Mike showed me how to buy keywords using Overture (Before Yahoo […]

27 New Career Choices for Brittany Spears

Or Britney Spears, however you want to spell it.  Michael over at has recently demonstrated two crucial search engine marketing concepts, buzz targeting and link baiting.  With all the hoopla of Britney Spears’ horrible attempt at a comeback, Michael decided to be creative and post a simple, yet effective link bait entry.  Take a peek […]