Jeremy Sloan – The Love Child of Hunter S. Thompson and the Lake Erie Monster

Yes it is true, my good friend Jeremy Sloan is the love child of Hunter S. Thompson and the Lake Erie Monster.   I have no idea why he would admit to this, but I felt it would be a good thing to bring it out into the open.  Being the love child of Hunter S. […]

Targeting Viral Campaigns by Season

Some of the best viral marketing campaigns succeed for reasons such as uniqueness, but many times (and this is mostly the case with e-cards) seasonal demands call for it.  E-cards for example are always in demand for every season, especially when you are a lazy sob like myself and forget to pick up a real […]

Kanye West Interrupts Patrick Swayze’s Funeral

Well, not actually, but I find it interesting that my Adsense earnings have been going up because of this latest search trend of Kanye West and the Patrick Swayze funeral interruption spoof. You see, years ago, as a joke, I started a blog of pure satire about Kanye West running for President in 2008.  It […]