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It is amazing to see how much web design has changed over the past 20+ years.  Looking at some of the old sites will make you want to puke.

1) – Not really known for brand identity? Well, at least in this case.  This screen shot is actually from 1996.


2) – Aint actually too bad looking.  This pre-dates the whole glassy looking style that Apples has been known for. Check out the HOT Mac Pro!


3) – There is something modern about this crappy old design…could it be the Best Experienced with IE icon?


4) – This is an old shot from 1996, which is actually missing the old logo. Still, pretty cool to see how primitive this site once was.


5) – Goes to show you that their design skills haven’t changed much…they’ve just added blurry shadows and transparency.


6) – One of my favorite stores, known for cutting edge commercials had a cutting-cheese web site.


7) – I love it that Google looks as simple as the original 1996 Yahoo.


8) – Wow, they were really on to something with this Internet technology.


9) – I’m feeling ugly! Pretty hot looking site..even for 1998


10) – One Month Later…much better looking.  Nice blurry jpg logo btw:


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