Dannon Releases New Toxic Spring Water?

From the same company that told you that drinking more milk will help you lose weight, Dannon releases their new and incredibly confusing product Dannon Spring Water with Fluoride!  I don’t know what angle Dannon is trying to take with their new marketing campaigns, but from what I understand fluoride (sodium fluoride) is not something […]

Office Fun – The Spreading Corporate Buzzwords Game

 I really enjoy spreading horrible buzzwords around the office.  If you don’t know what I mean by buzzword then please look at the TonyRocks.com Corporate Buzzword (and phrase) Generator and you’ll get the picture.  You’ve probably even participated in the viral act of spreading crappy buzzwords and didn’t realize it.  The basic concept is this…you […]

Google Apps – Cool Webtools or Big Brother Apparatus?

Just last week Google announced that they’ve added domain registration to their nifty Google Apps platform.  If you are a 100% user of Google gadgets then I have to say, adding this to the Webtools is a great addition.  However I’m like the smart investor, don’t put all your eggs into one basket…like Enron stock. […]