Top 10 Reasons I Will Never Be on the Front page

Digg lately has become boring, repetitive and predictable.   You can almost predict the Digg front page of the day…kinda like turning on a rock radio station and always knowing that the next song to be played would either be a Steve Miller Band or Lynyrd Skynyrd tune.  So, here’s to predictability, probably the only certainty […]

How to increase the number of social followers

Many people ask me, Tony, how the heck to I increase my number of followers and fans on Twitter or Facebook?  I tell them it is simple, start passing out a few bucks here and there and soon you will be on your path to enlightenment. Seriously, you don’t need to spend any money to […]

Abusing the New DiggBar

If you frequent, you will soon notice that they’ve recently implemented a stupid tool bar, which essentially is a URL shortner (is it going to replace tinyurl?).  What is flawed about it, and thanks to Michael Gray for the tip, is that it can easily be abused! The tool actually frames your website with […]

Winning an Election with Social Media

I was able to watch a presentation by Obama’s Campaign Manger, David Plouffe on what they actually did.  Whether you like Obama or not, this guy was on the ball! Really impressive…take a peek at my notes. They leveraged the power of people to deliver the message of the Obama Campaign.  This is huge evidence […]

Facebook “Update” Killed My App

Yesterday a few of my Facebook apps suddenly stopped working.  I did some digging and found something interesting. Facebook has recently been making updates to how their platform communicates with their applications, both on Facebook and externally, through Facebook Connect. In doing this, they now require any iframe applications running on to include the […]