Shoemoney Uses Jedi Mind Tricks to Destroy Relationship…AND My Profits

This post should also be subtitled “Shoemoney talks eBay into pulling my chances of making affiliate millions with eBay affiliate links.” Well, the word has been out for awhile now that eBay has dumped Commission Junction and has decided to take the affiliate program in-house. This could potentially suck for many of us. I have […]

Deactivate WordPress Plugins through PhpMyAdmin

Recently I’ve updated my WordPress install through Fantastico and blew up the site. Apparently the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin contains variables that are being used in the new WordPress 2.3.3 upgrade. I brought up the website to see nothing but a php error…even when trying to access the admin page. I needed to turn off […]

Weird News Links for the Day

Sat., Mar. 1:‘Lizard Man’ returns?South Carolina woman wondering if legendary “Lizard Man” destroyed the front of her car (with video).– Oh water, where art thou?A profile of an apparently successful New Zealand water diviner, Dave Penney.– Police blame ghosts for damageRomanian cops have closed a vandalism investigation by concluding ghosts were to blame.–Ananova UFO snapped […]