Automatic Website Content Generator

I’ve been piddling around with auto-content generators for WordPress, Joomla and others, but heck, this one does the trick.This program (BANS) is a virtual affiliate goldmine.  I know, that sounds very “salesy” but it is true. I would say that it is the best Automatic Website Content Generator out there. I’ve used sites like CBMall […]

DVD Copying Software Sites – More Like DVD Scam Sites

Last year I decided to put together a website about consumer product reviews.  The idea was simple…get an idea of what people are looking for and provide to them an honest review of what to expect with the purchase.  I wanted to start out small, so I figured I would review DVD copying software. It […]

Top 5 Tools for Social Marketing

It seems that social marketing is quickly replacing, or at best, supplementing traditional marketing approaches these days.  I make use of quite a few social marketing angles, but realized I typically stick to 5 tools on a regular basis. Before you even think that social marketing is the silver bullet in your marketing arsenal, you […]

Halloween Costumes coupons for 2011

FINALLY!  I’ve Found the Super Mario Bros, Mario Adult Costume!  We were surprised that he could stay on TV, and now this is just downright shocking. That’s right, Super Mario Brothers a costume out in all his white trash glory, so get into the minivan and go kick some doors down. While Mario is a […]