Matt Cutts Faces GrayWolf In Landing Page Dance-Off

I t is no secret that Michael Gray (GrayWolf) and Matt Cutts are constantly at one another’s throat when it comes to optimizing for Google.  Don’t let Michael Gray kid you…the pictures on Marshall Clark’s blog are not of a discussion about Landing Page Quality, but in fact a classic dance-off.  Since Matt Cutts and Michael Gray are […]

Zune to Defeat the Mighty iPod – The Battle of the Dumb Named Walkmans

If word of this ever gets out to Digg then I will seriously be in lots of trouble for leaking this.  I’ve been known to say some crazy things (like Nintendo Wii sealing the coffin of Nintendo and Apple using Radio Shack to design their new Mac Books) over at Digg which got me buried […]

Universal Sitemaps Protocol…Just Another Stupid Standard

  I’ve learned recently that one big topic at Pubcon was combating duplicate content, scrapers, splogs (spam blogs).  The thought is to battle these web polluters with a sitemap standard, or more so a standard to guarantee claim of content ownership. The concept is this:  Once an author creates new content, and pings a sitemap […]

Adding an eBay RSS Feed to Your WordPress Blog

Recently I’ve been trying to figure out a way to aggregate eBay auctions for use in one of my real estate websites.  I wanted to do this for two reasons, one being to generate fresh content and the other for trying to inject my Commission Junction affiliate code into the listings.  The solution came from incorporating two […]