Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Scrape stuff off of C5R35 to expose some copper
Look at that exposed copper! This is the PLL
Add a ton of flux and solder a wire there, this wire will connect to the SMC_PLL at B3R4, but You’ll need to place a 1k ohm resistor between the two.
Now use a ton of flux and solder a wire to SMC_POST (DB3R3) an route the other end of the wire through one of the sandbridge holes that lead to the top of the motherboard…this is where you will wire it to the post fi adapter
This is what the final wiring will look like on the bottom of the MB. look how the SMC_POST wire is going through the hole!
flip it over…This is where you jam the post fix adapter in. Make sure the pin goes under the substrate of the APU.
Here is a close up of the pin going through the substrate of the APU
Here is a picture of the post fix adapter, with the other side of it attached too. Also, look at the SMC_POST wire…it gets soldered to one of the pads on the post fix adapter. Doesn’t matter which one.
To make sure things are wired correctly, check the resistance.
Time to wire up the Pico Flash. The image above shows you the are where the wires will be soldered and then soldered to the Pi Pico
Blown-up view of the are where the wires need soldered. Also, here are the locations for those wires to be soldered on the Pi Pico.