Special Header Design Offer!

“I’m giving you thousands of dollars worth of design work!”

Thanks to your purchase of the interest in or services, I’m offering you my services at dirt-cheap prices.

Why are you doing this, Tony?!

Well, let’s face it. We are all in the same game…all just trying to make a buck. I’ve experimented with designs of all sorts for over 10 years. I like to see nice work on websites. Most importantly I like to see websites that need help graphically. This tells me that I should kick in teach mode and help that person out! I’m here to help you save the embarrassment of your website looking crappy! Why? Again, we are all in the same boat and I just want others to take what we do seriously! And that, I believe begins with a kick-butt design!

Here are some of the cool options I am offering:

Header graphic (including PSD files and fonts) $165

Flash logo header (including FLA source files) $170

Complete website with CSS styles, graphic logo and html (similar to ViralFX.com) $300

Complete website with CSS styles, Flash Logo & Graphic Logo and html (similar to this page) $370

I dare you to find cheaper, better work!

Believe it or not, many design firms will charge you thousands of dollars to do the work that I am offering you with this special ViralFX promotion.

Be sure you mention in the contact form “Tony Rocks is helping out” to get the special Tony Rocks special pricing.

You can’t go wrong with a killer design. Plus, with all the awesome stuff you’ll learn with your membership through ViralFX.com, it only makes sense to make sure you hit a home from right from the start!


Just pick one or more of the option above and we can get the ball rolling. You can send me as much information about your project as possible. If you don’t see what you are looking for from the above options, simply fill out my contact form here.

Do this right the first time! Don’t make the mistake of getting your name out there by having a sucky design…I’m here to help you realize your potential and show your customers that you mean business!

Check out the nice words people have said about Tony Rocks.

“Tony Rocks delivered on their promise of a unique and flashy practical design. Their approach to the whole site design and architecture was logical and well though out.”

-Mike Filsaime

“Tony Rocks helped me get my projects moving…especially with implementing the horoscope section of our Funbar. They also created numberious graphics and helped with designs. Tony Rocks is a good, reliable and reasonable company.”

-Eric Baum

“From concept to design to implementation, Tony Rocks is tops. The project would never have left the ground if it had not been for the Tony Rocks team.”

-Chris M

Ok, I won’t torture you with anymore sales copy. Go ahead and think this over, but don’t delay. This offer is only good for a limited time! Then I will revert to my regular hourly rates! Here’s to your success…which starts with your brand image. Rock On!

23 days left and I’ve found the manuscript…

If you haven’t already heard, a piece of Mike Filsaime’s ButterflyMarketing manuscript leaked out into a marketing forum. I’ve been looking for it myself though, but with no luck :(

But, the rumor is true for sure. Mike was pretty upset about the leak and asked the moderator to remove it.

According to Mike though, the unfinished copies posted did not accurately reflect the “true” secrets and strategies of Butterfly Marketing.
Well, to fix this, Good ole Mike has agreed to release a limit run version of the leaked document. (If only the CIA could do the same :) ) which
contains corrected and updated information.
But, there is always a but…this thing will only last for a few days.
So rush here if you ever want to read this top secret information:
-Tony from GuruLising and TonyRocks.com
This manuscript will “go away” soon, so I appologize if it is not there by the time you read this post!