Adding Post Titles to Your Title Tags

Improve your SEO score by incorporating blog post titles into your <TITLE> tag of your WordPress blog.  How is that for a long sentence? Log into WordPress and edit your theme…look for header.php and change your title code to the following: <title><?php if(is_home()) { echo bloginfo(‘name’); echo ‘ | ‘; echo bloginfo(‘description’); } else { […]

Worlds Fastest Processor

The world’s fastest processor currently is the Phenom II AMD Dragon.  Simon Solotko was the master mind behind this beast which was code named The Experiment.  The processor achieved a 6.5 GHZ reading using the Phenom II microprocessor.  But, how long will this remain the worlds fastest processor?  Let’s see what the next set of […]

Think About You, Think About Me, When I Think About You

I know you are thinking, Tony, why are you thinking about this stuff? Well, I was actually looking through Google and trying to see where the Brady Communications Buzz Newsletter (Think Further) was ranking in the SERPs. Turns out, we are number one. I then decided to think about the type of search volume that […]

Pittsburgh’s NEW #1 SEO –

Ok, I’ve decided to hijack the top position held by for  Pittsburgh’s #1 Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing company. Why? Because I can and I will.  Pittsburgh SEO will never be the same once grabs hold of it. SEO and Internet Marketing is one easy market to penetrate in Pittsburgh.  There are […]

High Rankings with Low Competition, High Search Volume Keywords

I’ve been back to my initiative to target some low competition keywords that have a very high search volume. You can do this with this slick little tool from Google called the Google Adwords Keyword tool. Just today I found a few key phrases that I will be writing about: integration of data business data […]

Shoemoney Uses Jedi Mind Tricks to Destroy Relationship…AND My Profits

This post should also be subtitled “Shoemoney talks eBay into pulling my chances of making affiliate millions with eBay affiliate links.” Well, the word has been out for awhile now that eBay has dumped Commission Junction and has decided to take the affiliate program in-house. This could potentially suck for many of us. I have […]