The End of Google Bombing as We Know It

I have complained in the past about how crappy Google can be.  Especially when you see so many Google Bombs floating around that Google didn’t seem to mind.  Recently Google has announced a changed in their search algorithm to attempt to minimize the results of Googlebombing

Search results for “miserable failure” and “santorum” should no longer turn up politically-sided results.  So much for my Googlebombing campaign for putting me at number one for “who rocks?”

Doom and Duck Hunt on an iPod?!

Thanks to open source geeks I know can have fun playing a bunch of old ported Nintendo games like Duck Hunt on my iPod.  This coolness is made possible by a daring and super creative open source project called iPodLinux.  To put it simply, these guys ported Linux to run on your standard iPod which opens up new doors of functionality.

I’ve installed the package on my 4th generation iPod which says on the website is not supported.  However I had no problems installing Linux.  In fact, the package is so well done that it gives you a boot strap to select whether to boot into the native iPod OS or Linux.  Plus an installer give you a ton of modules to choose from to install.  I just so happened to find Nintendo’s Duck Hunt and wanted to try that out.

I have to say that I’m pretty impressed to see nice gradations, smooth graphics and a “wheel” act like a mouse so smoothly.  The other cool Nintendo “factor” this is that there is a GameBoy emulator project out there for the iPod as well…which just so happens to run on Linux.

So what about Doom?

Probably the biggest contributing factor to modern day gaming approaches has to be Doom.  Believe it or not (well you will surely believe it because I’ll give you a few links to videos) there is even a port of Doom for the iPod running Linux.  I’m always amazed to see how much coolness you squeeze out of some of the most inconspicuous electronic devices.  Gameplay is just as nice as an older PC, but the only problem you really have is controlling the game and putting up with the slow speed of the LCD screen.  But, regardless iDoom is sure to make you out to be the coolest Geek at your next LAN Party.

So here is the link list to get your game and kernel on for your iPod:

  • iDoom – Doom Port for iPod Linux
  • iPodLinux – Official Project Site
  • iBoy – Gameboy and Gameboy Color Emulator for the iPod
  • iDoom Video – Video Capture of iPod Nano Playing iDoom.
  • iPod Games – Cool Games from iTunes Without Linux

Taking on WordPress and Flickr

I’ve recently installed Community Server over on as an experiment in social networking and to extend the user experience to  This platform is pretty cool and is 100% ASP.NET 2.0/C#.  Everyone is used to running social networking apps with PHP/mySQL, so this will prove exciting to watch how it grows and handles user load.

I’ve decided to call the “experience” Friendspot.  Just a nice collaberative environement for people to start a blog like WordPress, create a photo sharing gallery and to also participate in forums.  No, I am not really taking on WordPress and Flickr, but I would like to see how something like that operates.  What better way through experiementation.

Signing up through the site gives all users their own blog, image gallery and user account to use in the forums. I’ve set one up just to see how the thing works.  You can even use themes for everything…forum, blog, gallery.  really neato stuff.

Ping Pong Ding Dong – My Private Collection

rocking ping lady. My friend was asking me where to ping when he posts a new blog entry.  I told him to go out back behind the house if he wants. hehe…ok, that was a bad joke.  But anyways here is my list of ping services I use:

If you are using Windows Live Writer then add these under Tools/Preferences/Ping Services.  For WordPress go into Options/Writing and add them to the Udate Services section.

My First Squidoo Lens

I have to say I’m in love with the publishing power of Squidoo.  I’ve just signed up and created my first “lens” about how those “Get Your Free XXXX” websites work.  I figured I’d write something about this because of the tons of pop-ups and banner ads floating around now about Getting a Free iPhone.  Heck I want want, but I don’t want to go through the pain and hassle that I did to get my free iPod.  Plus I promied that I would talk about these types of sites.

Other Free Stuff Links