Viral Plaza has Funny News Clippings

I Stumbled across this really funny clipping from Viral Plaza.  I’ll let you do the reading.  Just a good way to get people off their lazy butts.

taking care of lazy people

Helping Relatives Out With Their Website Initiatives

my cousin matt or ryan Recently my cousin Matt had a few questions for me about starting up a Website.  I’ll share with you his question and my follow-up answers.  I’m sure many of you on the web run into these same questions from your relatives as well:

Hey cuz,

i’m workin on a web site and was wondering if you had suggestions to easy to use web design software for dummies like me. I downloaded this program called Web Studio 4.0 (30 day trial). seems very easy, i like it so far, but im open to suggestions. Also, not sure how to get listed on search engines (but i’m not even close to being ready to worry about that yet). any help or advice appreciated greatly.

thanks cuz, matt

Matt brings up some good but always asked questions about starting a website.  First what program to use and second, how to get listed in the engines. 

I’ve replied to him with a general overview of how to approach this.

Here is the thing with web design software…if the software works for you then it is a good piece of software!  I prefer to use Visual Web Developer 2005 from Microsoft for my stuff, but probably the most popular web design program is Adobe Dreamweaver.  It can be expensive, but they do have  a 30 day trial on their website to download. 

And as far as getting listed in the search engines, well many things factor into that!  You could be in a very competitive market, so what you have to do is write the text (copy) for your website to be focused on a a certain target.

For example, if you are trying to sell a certain product, you may want to talk about this certain product as it relates to your specific audience or where you actually live. 

You want to sell X-10 equipment

Type X-10 in Google and you will find 84,900,000 search results related to that, so what you want to do is “focus.”  For instance:

X-10 Installation Service

Even with that there are over a million visits.  So let’s dig a little deeper:

X-10 Installation Service in Uniontown

This term only shows about 480 results. 

Not many results at all, but this targets a more specific “niche.”  One that you potentially profit from a not very competitive term.  

But search engine optimization is one thing, but another is just getting sites that are well respected in Google (look up Page Rank on Wikipedia to see what I mean) to link to yours. 

BUT these sites should some how have a related subject as yours. 

You can do this by posting messages in forum type sites that allow you to put a signature (which could contain a link to your site). After a while your traffic will start moving closer to the top in the search engines.

Other techniques I uses are social bookmarking sites such as and  These work really well for getting the word out.

There you have it, my quick and dirty Search Engine Ranking 101 course!

Possible Threat to 2012 London Olympics – Seizure Induction

You would think Londoners would be thrilled about all things related to the fact that they will play host to the 2012 Olympic Games…but that is not true

First off, usually the first exciting piece of marketing collateral for playing host to the Olympics is to come up with a hot and creative logo.  The logo typically contains the location name, the year of the event and a neato little logo or mascot.

So let’s take a look at the hotness that London paid Wolff Olins more than £400,000 (which actually took a year to design) for:

London 2012 Olympics Logo

One look at the font they use on their website and you’ll understand how they could come up with such a hideous logo.

Wow.  I am totally speechless with this one.  What is even more exciting is that this logo is so horrible that there is even a petition to remove this as the official logo of the 2012 London Olympics.

Some of you, who still think that bevel and emboss is still a great design option with Photoshop, probably think…hey, this logo aint so bad!  Well look at the facts.  Facts that prove that this logo is HORRIBLE. 

1) Olympic chiefs were forced to pull the promotional video of the 2012 London Olympics because it caused seizures…at least 10 cases of epilepsy!

2) Caused people to feel dizzy.

3) Viewers experienced vomiting or headaches and a general uncomfortable feeling.

If I could find the best quote regarding the design, it would have to be this one:

“It is incredible that someone has been paid £400,000 to come up with this load of garbage.” – Tory MP Phillip Davies (Member of the culture, media and sports select committee).

Well, this is what happens when you allow those who are not qualified to judge design to be your selection committee for design. 

If you are interested in submitting your own logo to help the cause of the “Revoke the 2012 Olympic Logo” movement, contact the DailyMail and send them your own version of the logo.