PINGOAT is Down and I’m Furious

cinderalla One thing I like to do after each cool blog post is to run it by  But it seems the site is down now, so I’m pretty bummed.  

Just like Cinderella once said:

“You don’t know what you got, till it’s gone…”

Stupid cheesy 80’s metal.  Now you can see why I’m furious.

The Facts of Life Are All About Bongs

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I found this hilarious clip from an old episode (heck, I guess they are all old) of the Facts of Life.  I remember when it first aired, but also I do remember seeing bongs/pipes being sold at commercial record stores.  My favorite line of this clip is “We’re a three bong family!”  My have things changed…we no longer have record stores and Nancy Reagan just says whatever anymore.

Lyrics Seem to be the Latest Trend at Google

oates Many of you who know me that I have lyrics for just about any person I run into.  So many songs have been written with lyrics that include names.

When I meet a girl named Brandi, I have to say that she’s a fine Girl.

With Mandy, I have to ask her to kiss me to stop me from shaking.

When I meet up with Amy, I have no choice to ask her “What Choo wanna dooo?”

So needless to say I’m a lyrical genius, or a 30 somethin’ year-old with vast amounts of trivial information.

Well it seems that lately there has been a surge over at Google Hot Trends with lyrics from the early 80’s.  Let me tell you, I remember the 80’s and many of those tunes had some cheesy lyrics.

Look at the top 5 search phrases for today:

  • hot blooded lyrics
  • flashdance lyrics
  • baby love lyrics
  • at last lyrics
  • rich girl lyrics

So let’s see, people are trying to get back into Irene Cara, Foreigner and Hall & Oates.  I knew if I kept listening to those groups that eventually they will come back in style.

ba-ba-boy Speaking of Hall & Oates…I always thought that John Oates looked silly in that big goofy mustache.  But now, look at the guy. 

With no mustache he looks like Gary from the Howard Stern Show.

Does My Butt Look Big in This?

Ok guys, this is your chance to answer this question, totally anonymously…without letting your other half know.  You know she’s asked you that question and you know that you have an answer. 

But dare we speak the truth?

Heck no if we want to live another day.

Recently I was asked that very same question.  What could I say?  Lucky for me I’m married to a hot super-model.  But here is your chance to answer the question. 

Be honest, be quick and share it with your buddies.   I just want to see what all of you think. 

Visit the poll here:

Big Butt Poll

SEO Tips Email Course

I’ve been asked by many of my friends lately about how to best optimize their websites. I could go on for hours about the importance of SEO, in fact I’ve been know to put people to sleep with my incredible amount of search engine optimization knowledge. I thought to myself, Gee, I’ve been put to sleep by some boring Professors back in college, so why not give back to the community?

Within the next month I will be offering an online, email course of search engine optimization strategies that I’ve collected and used for almost all of my projects. The seo course will contain 10 sessions sent out bi-weekly and will contain from start to finish what you need to know (from what I’ve learned) to increase your visibility in the search engines.

Feel free to leave a comment if you would be interested in taking this course. Since I usually charge clients to seo consulting, I will also be charging a small fee to participate in the course. But I have to be honest, the information is priceless to your online presence.

The course will cover some of the following topics:

  • Javascript Issues with SEO
  • HTML Formatting for SEO
  • Copy Writing (The Text of Your Website
  • Linking Strategies

Don’t delay because if you are new to the world of search engine optimization or websites in general, you will definitely need this seo course in order to get on the right track!