The Best Toy Boat Tongue Twister Video

I’m not sure any of you are familiar with the Toy Boat Tongue Twister floating around on YouTube, but man, my brother Bill over at Bill Schiffbauer has made THE BEST version of the Toy Boat Tongue Twister. Check out his video below:

So if yo wanna give it a try, say “Toy Boat” ten times as fast as you can witout twisting your tongue…Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk.

Is Google Pushing Agendas? Nahhh…not Google!

i hate google My latest rant about Google is the fact that they use their hugely flawed and sided indexing policies to push agendas. If you haven’t noticed, Google just loves Wikipedia.  Why?  Well Wikipedia empowers real people…it allows them to create their own Internet.  One in where only facts are presented. 

Google sides soo much with Wikipedia that it seems you will not find anything else in the top-spot of Organic search (Organic, but how peculiar that Wikipedia shows up in the top spot…must be their link quality or something).  Look at the results for the following five key phrases:

So let’s look at it this way,  we trust Google, we find that Google favors Wikipedia, we will believe and accept what Wikipedia has is factual.  I find this quite dangerous.   Especially after reading the article “Companies and party aides cast censorious eye over Wikipedia” which describes situations where companies rewrite their entries to make them look good for PR reasons.  And, like him or not Rush Limbaugh’s was even a target of an assault of free speech:

“And somebody from a computer traced to Democrat HQ edited a page on conservative American radio host Rush Limbaugh, calling him “idiotic”, “ridiculous” and labelling his 20 million listeners as “legally retarded”.”

So time will only tell when Google will start rewriting history by means of third-party authoring. Again, why hate Microsoft when you have Google?

When Contextual Ads Attack – Bite me Google

Google has always ticked me off, but why am I complaining now about contextual ads?  First off, Google “perfected” contextual ads with Google Adwords…Serving up ads relevant to according to a website’s content.

Well, just like many things taken out of context, Google Ads (and in fact other sites that serve up contextual ads) can be represented incorrectly. 

Come on guys, it is nice to see when Google screws up.

Below are a few problems with taken out of context contextual ad bloopers:


Big oops.  Match fire with fire and show some insensitivity.


Become a teacher “for all the wrong reasons.”


Match keyword coffee with heart attacks?


Match girl keywords with the abusive French…


Yikes, contextual insensitivity alert again!

So there you have it yet again…Google is not perfect.  Neither is my PR ranking.