YouTube Adsense Ads

I just wanted to try out my new Google Adsense YouTube ad format.

I am driving in my car…

I am driving in my car to work thinking about writing a new blog post because this whole jott thing is pretty cool and a buddy of mine at work is thinking it’s a pretty cool thing too. So what I’m doing is I set the jott phone number on my voicemail(?) speed dial on the blackberry and as they call jott then they call jott and then it says who do you want to jott to and I say I wanna jott to my viral marketing blog and wala there it is. I can’t wait to see how it….. listen

Powered by Jott

Okay, I’ve set up a…

Okay, I’ve set up a Jott account and I’m actually posting this long post to using that(?). For work best, it is pretty cool. I’m very happy with it, but not really happy with it. I’m still still trying it out but as you can see it does work and it’s pretty cool. Maybe I’ll stop swerving off the road whenever I’m sending people messages through my Blackberry. Alright. listen

Powered by Jott

Twitter and Jott – The New Face of Social Networks

mobile-phone As if SMS texting wasn’t a big enough annoyance…check out these two sites, Twitter and Jott.  Two places that help keep others informed of what the heck you are up to. Now you can call a web service from your phone and speak a message you would like to send to you friends.  The message is converted to a text SMS to their phone.  Also, there is a way to access your remote apps, house gate system and other tools. As if you though people cared about your MySpace 20 questions, or things you didn’t know about them, and your current mood, Twitter is a way to send out broadcasts to friends phones and IM session of what you are currently doing.  Which may include sitting on the toilet, typing a message, picking your nose.  Lots of fun stuff to annoy your friends with.

I signed up for Twitter to see what’s the big deal.  Check out my profile.