Cool LCD Color Baby Monitor

This is a cool product for people like me with little kids that need monitored in their cribs. I’ve actually bought the b/w tv baby monitor, but man it is ancient looking. Plus it is like carrying around a portable tv by 1980’s standards.

This is the BébéSounds Portable Color Video and Sound Monitor

My Wife Wants Me to Get My Haircut Like David Cook…HELP!

david cook hairdoMany of you know about this year’s American Idol, David Cook. He was some funky hair and my wife thinks it would look good on my round head. Please please help me…please leave comments saying how bad this would be for me. :(

June 12th is Carbon Belch Day

“Conservative grassroots group wants people to waste as much energy as possible on June 12 to break free from “carbon footprint guilt.”

Now this is some funny stuff.

New York Cooking Schools

New York City is boca-nuggets home to more than 8.1 million people. The city is inhabited by a large number of immigrants from all parts of the world, making up a significant portion of the 8.1 million people there. New York also houses a number of important international organizations and landmarks. New York cooking schools are popular with tourists and a number of locals. It is advisable for tourists to opt for advance reservations.

New York cooking schools are a popular vacation for many people interested in the culinary arts. They are a blend of local experiences, travel and food. Interested vacationers may opt for direct reservations via Internet or telephone. There are a large number of guides and reviews that offer a general overview of New York cooking schools. This allows people to compare the existing vacation plans, cost involved and features. Tourists may enquire with the tour operators, to understand their vacation options. New York cooking schools, apart from housing guests, allow them to participate in cooking the local cuisine and specialties. New York cooking schools may be included is the itinerary, where the tourists make stopovers and learn about New York cooking styles.

People may enquire with head chefs regarding the particular cuisine they prefer to learn. The lessons are often offered as group sessions. This allows tourists to interact with each other and proves to be a good learning experience. Locals, who are interested in a certain cuisine, may find out from the restaurants and hotels, if they operate as cooking schools or not. A look through the Yellow Pages, asking around and surfing the net can help to find a number of New York cooking schools. Tourists can make reservations for weekend, afternoon or holiday tours, that allow them to be in the company of reputed chefs, connoisseurs and critics. The schools give them the opportunity to cook and serve.

Cooking Schools provides detailed information on Cooking Schools, French Cooking Schools, Italian Cooking Schools, Vegan Cooking Schools and more. Cooking Schools is affiliated with Top Film Schools.

Indiana Gigli and the Temple of Jar Jar Binks

indiana-jones-jar-jar If you haven’t seen it yet then you may want to hold off making plans of doing so this weekend.  Before I see any movie I usually take a peek at the reviews over at Yahoo Movies an let me tell you, according to critics (professional and amateur) both Harrison Ford AND George Lucas should just stop…stop doing everything.  Below are my top 10 reviews from people of the movie:

10. Lets face it, George Lucas has gone senile.

9. The story just sucks, it really really sucks.

8. Am I watching the right movie?

7. Loved it, Hated it. Ahhh hell, I hated it!

6. Indiana Jones and the Search for Jar Jar Binks.


4. so we continue watching in denial hoping… beyond all hope that we saw wrong…

3. You’re killing me George!!!! Who would have guessed the crystal skull belonged to Jar Jar Binks…

2. George Lucas! what in the hell happen to you. you ruined the star wars movies by putting Hayden Christensen as Anakin Akywalker. he’s a crappy actor i could have done better than that *****.

1. Stay home!!! Rent X-files the movie…You won’t be so confused and Fox Molder is WAY better to look at for 2 hours…