Stuff Your List Full Of Buyers And Start Seeing Five and Six Figures

get more buyers download Ever wondered how online marketers can send an email and see $2,500 or $5,000 or even $25,000 or more flow right into their bank account?

It probably seems like magic…or a scam. But let me tell you, it’s neither one. In fact, it’s pretty easy once you have the business tool these big-profit
have. And Michael Rasmussen’s new “Get More Buyers” video course shows you how to get it.

The secret weapon these marketers have is a mailing list absolutely stuffed with buyers. What’s great about Michael’s course is that he hands you 10 practical strategies for attracting eager buyers. Actually, he’s showing you the way he built his own list, which is pretty much legendary as a JV profit powerhouse.

I’ve reviewed the course myself, and I can say a few things with confidence…

First, the quality of the course is excellent. This was obviously professionally done. The audio is near studio quality, and the presentation he walks through
makes the concepts completely clear. Michael’s previous products were clearly made by somebody who KNOWS how to make a great product, and this one continues the tradition.

He starts with a brief introduction to the common list-building mistakes people make when they’re just starting out online. This certainly explained some of my own struggles—it’s not just “fluff” material.

For example, he tells you how to create your own profit-pulling marketing “funnel”, even if you’re starting from scratch. He also tells you the root cause of the two major challenges most people face…but then he goes one better. He tells you specifically how to crush those challenges.

He walks through 10 strategies for stuffing your list full of buyers. This is amazing material.

Here’s just a sample of what he covers:

  • The “magic” price that can get you buyers almost immediately if you’re selling your own product
  • How to increase the profit you make on each sale by 50% of more, almost immediately, and with hardly any effort (it’s all about buyer psychology)
  • How to “steal” buyers from other marketers, and actually have them thank you for it!

List-building books and courses are a dime a dozen, but Michael’s course is one of the best I’ve ever seen. There’s no tired old advice that doesn’t work
today. He’s giving you real strategies that he uses himself, and that helped him create a list that routinely brings in five and six figures when he sends an email.

If you want results like that for yourself (and who DOESN’T, right?) then you check out Michael’s “Get More Buyers” course. Your business profits will be very happy you did!

Here’s the URL where you can check out the course for yourself:

Grabbed Some Free Pumpkins For Painting

Yep, gonna start painting the pumpkins tonight.  My idea is simple…funny faces.  The best thing to use to paint pumpkins are paint markers.  You can grab them at Walmart.

Your Favorite Web Sites – 10 Years Ago

It is amazing to see how much web design has changed over the past 10 years.  Looking at some of the old sites will make you want to puke. 

1) – Not really known for brand identity? Well, atleast in this case.  This screen shot is actually from 1996.


2) – Aint actually too bad looking.  This pre-dates the whole glassy looking style that Apples has been known for. Check out the HOT Mac Pro!


3) – There is something modern about this crappy old design…could it be the Best Experienced with IE icon?


4) – This is an old shot from 1996, which is actually missing the old logo. Still, pretty cool to see how primitive this site once was.


5) – Goes to show you that their design skills haven’t changed much…they’ve just added blurry shadows and transparency.


6) – One of my favorite stores, known for cutting edge commercials had a cutting-cheese web site.


7) – I love it that Google looks as simple as the original 1996 Yahoo.


8) – Wow, they were really on to something with this Internet technology.


9) – Ok, I know this is a different digg, but I’m sure Digg Records is kicking themselves in the digg for not keeping the domain.


10) – I’m feeling ugly! Pretty hot looking site..even for 1998


11) BONUS – One Month Later…much better looking.  Nice blurry jpg logo btw: