cheap flights to islands – my new niche

cheap flights to islands Cheap flights to islands was an interesting term that I stumbled upon while looking for my next bum marketing experiment.  Travel pay per click terms in Google are quite expensive, so when I ran into this little gem i was amazed.  I was shocked to see that the general term for cheap flights to islands in the serps returns 14,300,000 results, but the specific term for “cheap flights to islands” only returns 8 results, but with a TON of sponsored links.

Now, according to Adwords, the term does not fetch a high bid, but still, a good niche to tap if you want to promote travel sites for cheap flights.  A few more cheap flight related terms that also peaked my interest:

  • Cheap flights to Jamaica – $1.67-  942,000 general, 11,500 specific
  • Cheap flights to LA – $1.92 – 18,200,000 general, 0 specific
  • Cheap flights to NY – $1.96 – 20,400,00 general, 2,950 specific

So go ahead and have some fun bum marketing with these cheap flights to variations.

Brandon O’Brien – The best wedding DJ in Virginia

brandon obrien wedding dj virginia Virginia is for lovers for sure and quite possibly one of the best beaches on Earth and quite a romantic place to have a wedding.  One question that I know always comes up when planning a wedding is who will be the DJ?  You’ll always want to get the best wedding DJ possible for sure. You don’t want stuck with some dork playing muzak versions of Rod Stewart’s Leave Virginia Alone, you want somebody who can blast out the tunes and liven up the crowd! Brandon O’Brien is hands down, the best wedding DJ in Virginia.  Brandon is a FUN DJ that brings all his own professional sound and lights.

When Brandon O’Brien isn’t on the air or working as the best wedding DJ in Virginia, you can find him hosting as trivia and karaoke show, something that he has been doing over 15 yrs! 

You can contact Brandon over on his Bob FM DJ profile page!

Anybody up for some YouTube Bum Marketing?

HTML-Guro-Bum I’ve had so much fun in the past with “traditional” bum marketing techniques using, but now I am totally going after Youtube.  I was able to do some trend blogging to get top-spot in Youtube for the term Jules Verne Restaurant.

So what I’m going to do is create a video, nothing big, just a few screen shots of the term “how to store paint.”  Let’s see how it goes in the youtube/google search results…wish me luck!

Pittsburgh Drupal Meeting August 26!

This Wednesday the 26th will be the next Pittsburgh Drupal user group meeting at Brillobox!  I hope to see all of you there, going to be a good time.  Link Clark puts on an awesome show. 

The tentative schedule is this:

6:00-7:00 Food, Drinks, hanging out
7:00-7:30 Discuss developments in Drupal Pittsburgh planning
7:30-8:00 Show and tell
8:00-9:00 Presentations

If you have any questions, feel free to visit the Drupal Group Pittsburgh site to learns a bits more.