So I went to Google to ask Why?

Google is great for finding out things, but be careful when you ask Google the toughest question of all…Why?  With Google’s auto suggest feature, they expect you to find something related to your question.  Here is what Google suggested to me when I asked Why? Entertaining suggestions, Google. I wonder what Bing has to say?


Black Friday Deals for Sirius XM Satellite Stuff

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.I just got word that Sirius just announced a $70 savings on their Radio, plus another $100 back when you subscribe.  The deal is on both the Stiletto 2 and the Xpress Radios.  The offers are only good from Thursday, 11/26/2009-12/1/2009.  

The Stiletto 2 is worth the extra money because of its compact size, good graphics, and really good
reception.  Take advantage of this Black Friday deal while you can.

Funny Banana Nose Funny Animated Gif

Dole Banana Nose Japanese Commercial Clip.

Why is J Lo Falls At Amas Hitting it Big?

J Lo Falls At Amas is hitting it big because of the buzz going on over at Google. If I had my way, I would never want to hear about J Lo Falls At Amas any more.It gets boring after a bit when all you hear is J Lo Falls At Amas all day long…but at least this is just a top search trend over at Google.This means that J Lo Falls At Amas and everything related to it will fall off the radar.
You can look at the latest trend information and HOT chart at this link