Where do Guinea Pigs Sleep?

cat1Continuing with my posts about caring for guinea pigs, I wanted to talk a little about where guinea pigs sleep.  Yeah, they sleep, in your house, but where in particular should they sleep?  I suggest getting a nice cage for them with plenty of wiggle room, a little igloo-like house and a thing called a fleece forest.

leopard-fleece-forestI mean, seriously, check out this fleece forest.  Kinda reminds me of those beads back in the 70’s. I want a full-sized fleece forest for my house.

For more guinea pig supplies and cool places for your guinea pig to sleep, check out guineapigcages.com.

What foods are poisonous to guinea pigs?

poison food for guinea pigsContinuing my posts about taking care of guinea pigs, I wanted to bring up the issue of what NOT to feed guinea pigs.  Mostly, answer the question of what foods are poisonous to guinea pig?.

It is very important to avoid some foods with guinea pigs.  After caring for ours, I found that there are many sites out there that says in one hand, this food is poison for guinea pigs, then on the other hand another site says that the food is ok, and won’t kill your guinea pigs.   Well, I’ve decide to compile a list of foods to avoid giving your guinea pig:

  • Apple – Seeds are poison!
  • Asparagus – gives the guinea pigs bad gas
  • Bananas and beets – causes constipation
  • Cabbage – bad gas
  • Celery – Chocking hazard for guinea pigs!

So, this lists of course is an abbreviated list, so I suggest doing more research on the topic and also check out HappyCavy.com’s list of what can guinea pigs eat.


Direct blog dictation from Npr.


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Dictating a blog post


Today I am experimenting with the dictating a blog post, WordPress in particular, using the voice control of my android phone. To show how good the transcription is I will not make any changes to the blog post. I will only post what I actually was dictated and transcribe for me speaking to my phone. I’m quite impressed with the quality of the transcription of the Android device, space it does seem to be a little more accurate than the Apple iPhone.

how to take care of guinea pigs

how to take care of guinea pigsYou may be wondering why I asked how to take care of guinea pigs? Well I came home one day and there were two guinea pigs at my house. My wife had surprised my daughter (and me) by getting her guinea pigs as gifts. But how do you take care of a guinea pigs?  What did anything to eat. What do guinea pigs not eat?

These are many questions that are on the mind of people who are you taking care of guinea pigs. So rather than being a totally informative blog post. I decided to break this topic into multiple posts and use it as an experiment to get listed in Bing.com for topics related to taking care of guinea pigs.

So I will leave this as an introduction of how to take care guinea pigs and the following topics:

Stay tuned because my next post will actually be about how to take care of your guinea pig but those different topics I mentioned above.  Also I will take a look at my stats in Bing.com and hopefully in Google search results too.