How to Graph a Heart Curve in Roblox with Lua

Untitled-1So  my kid has been playing with Roblox for some time now.  I’m not here to explain what it is, rather this post is specific to graphing mathematical objects in Roblox with Lua scripting.

The video and the code that follows is all that you need to graph a Heart Curve (cardoid) in Roblox using Lua scripting without having to add ANY objects from the toolbox. 

Feel free to check out my Roblox Lua scripts at GitHub.

for x = -1,1,.01 do
local q = math.sqrt(1-x*x)
local y0 = math.sqrt(x*x) - q
local y1 = math.sqrt(x*x) + q
local xa = ((x+1)*160)
local ya = ((y0+1)*100)
local yb = ((y1-1)*100)


Automatic Website Content Generator

automatic-website-content-generator I’ve been piddling around with auto-content generators for WordPress, Joomla and others, but heck, this one does the trick.This program (BANS) is a virtual affiliate goldmine.  I know, that sounds very “salesy” but it is true. I would say that it is the best Automatic Website Content Generator out there. I’ve used sites like CBMall and BANS in the past, but this application actually gives me total control of my affiliate links.  Plus it is so friggin awesome because for every category keyword you give it, it creates a keyword-rich URL and actual pages for each, yes I said each, product. The product actually does what no other piece of software does: load the site, dynamically with products from eBay, ClickBank and Amazon (with more to come!) with any targeted niche that you want.  The software is also flexible enough to add your own list of static pages as well.  Plus, each product is tied to your affiliate link. So not only do you get a site generator, but you also get a nicely done content management system (CMS). Check out some screens from the administration section of the program: Store Stacker Admin Screen Shot The beauty of this application is that it automatically updates itself.  Once a product is added/changed on one of the many store sites (ebay, amazon, clickbank, linkshare), the site is updated automatically…including the newly rewritten keyword-rich URLS.  Just stinkin awesome. StoreStacker can add thousands of pages of content to a site and tons of low-fruit, product-based keywords. I’ve been losing faith in internet marketing for quite sometime now, but now, this blasted program has roped me back in.  And I couldn’t be more gracious! Check out and let me know what you think.  If you have any questions about this or any other automatic website content generators, feel free to ask me.

5 Lies Pittsburgh SEO Companies Like to Tell

Pittsburgh SEO ComaniesYeah, this sounds like another “fluff” article on SEO, but please let me explain.  Pittsburgh SEO companies and also SEO companies in general (off-shore, hired marketing firms, other SEO gurus) are always telling you the best way to optimize your site is to hire them.  Their expertise is beyond you and their promises are through the roof.

Pittsburgh SEO Companies want you to believe…

In fact, you may find other articles out there that tell you that what they are selling is a pack of lies.  This is also not true.  Every company can benefit by hiring somebody other than themselves to work some SEO magic.

So, whether you pick me to do some SEO work for you or another firm, keep in mind these 5 lies that I/these companies may shout as SEO gospel.

1.  SEO will pave the way to success

You may run into Pittsburgh SEO companies that will tell you that SEO is the first step in finding future success with your business.  This is simply not true.  Though it is good practice and good discipline to create good structure for SEO, it is not the only piece of the puzzle.

2. SEO Company will get your site listed in 500 Search Engines

Oh come on, this article just got silly.   500 search engines?  no way.  How many do you personally use?  Chances are…1…or 2 if you are at your parents house and they choose to use Bing.  Let’s stay focused here.  The SEO company in Pittsburgh or anywhere else should only be looking at getting listed in Google.  PERIOD.

3.  SEO Eliminates the need for …

So now that I’ve become bored of writing this article, it is time to get to the closing of the 5 lies that Pittsburgh SEO companies tell…yeah yeah, I know I only made it to…um…2 1/4.  ADHD or something.

How do you generate organic SEO traffic without a Pittsburgh SEO company?

Easy.  carve out time to also update your social media spaces.  SEO is a different monster these days.  The old ideas of link building, guest blogging and link farming don’t apply like they used to.  SEO is all about making your content relevant and EASILY sharable.  Word of mouth spreads faster than any Pittsburgh SEO firm could ever promise!

Need help getting started with  a SEO and Social Optimization?  Contact me, and actual person who lives in Pittsburgh (well, close to Pittsburgh).