Does email marketing still work?

email-marketing-does-workYou know in this day and age, one would think that with all the laws and spam filters that email marketing would just go away.  Well, that is totally untrue.  Email marketing does indeed still work.  I can prove it by all of the credit card charges to Macy’s and Lands End by my wife after receiving a wonderful email message from them.

Sure, it is harder to do things right these days, and even more difficult to construct an email that is enticing and considered NOT spam by the end users.

In my next few posts I will be reviewing a few email marketing services that do work and work without the worry of being called a spammer or having to deal with whitelists.  Yeah, I’ve written about getting blocked when sending more than 500 emails using Hostgator, so don’t be like me and think that all of your emails are not getting out.  Stay tuned!

Stuff Your List Full Of Buyers And Start Seeing Five and Six Figures

get more buyers download Ever wondered how online marketers can send an email and see $2,500 or $5,000 or even $25,000 or more flow right into their bank account?

It probably seems like magic…or a scam. But let me tell you, it’s neither one. In fact, it’s pretty easy once you have the business tool these big-profit
have. And Michael Rasmussen’s new “Get More Buyers” video course shows you how to get it.

The secret weapon these marketers have is a mailing list absolutely stuffed with buyers. What’s great about Michael’s course is that he hands you 10 practical strategies for attracting eager buyers. Actually, he’s showing you the way he built his own list, which is pretty much legendary as a JV profit powerhouse.

I’ve reviewed the course myself, and I can say a few things with confidence…

First, the quality of the course is excellent. This was obviously professionally done. The audio is near studio quality, and the presentation he walks through
makes the concepts completely clear. Michael’s previous products were clearly made by somebody who KNOWS how to make a great product, and this one continues the tradition.

He starts with a brief introduction to the common list-building mistakes people make when they’re just starting out online. This certainly explained some of my own struggles—it’s not just “fluff” material.

For example, he tells you how to create your own profit-pulling marketing “funnel”, even if you’re starting from scratch. He also tells you the root cause of the two major challenges most people face…but then he goes one better. He tells you specifically how to crush those challenges.

He walks through 10 strategies for stuffing your list full of buyers. This is amazing material.

Here’s just a sample of what he covers:

  • The “magic” price that can get you buyers almost immediately if you’re selling your own product
  • How to increase the profit you make on each sale by 50% of more, almost immediately, and with hardly any effort (it’s all about buyer psychology)
  • How to “steal” buyers from other marketers, and actually have them thank you for it!

List-building books and courses are a dime a dozen, but Michael’s course is one of the best I’ve ever seen. There’s no tired old advice that doesn’t work
today. He’s giving you real strategies that he uses himself, and that helped him create a list that routinely brings in five and six figures when he sends an email.

If you want results like that for yourself (and who DOESN’T, right?) then you check out Michael’s “Get More Buyers” course. Your business profits will be very happy you did!

Here’s the URL where you can check out the course for yourself:

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wears-jordans-shoes Yeah, lemme know by leaving a message.  I’m beginning to lose faith in for list building.

What do you mean I can’t send more than 500 emails an hour?

angry-man This question was posed to me when I recently moved a client’s website to another hosting plan.  Yes, according to Hostgator, when signed up with their shared hosting plan, you are limited to 500 emails an hour for the whole website.  Seems like a nice ceiling, but when you have employees that need to send message to their distribution lists then that could possibly pose a problem.

What happens if you hit the 500 mark?  Well, every additional email will be tagged as undeliverable due to exceeding the hourly quota.

What was interesting to me was that they used to be with, but didn’t have this problem.  I was curious and called Brinkster…they actually told me that their policy is no more than 500 emails per-day

This would leave me to believe that maybe they were sending emails out, but chances are 90% of the emails were sent to the undeliverable black hole of bad email messages that bounce and bounce and bounce.

There are two solutions to this problem.

1) Signup for the dedicated server option at hostgator – This allows you to send unlimited emails without having email lock-out issues.  The big problem with this solution is that it will cost you atleast $179 dollars a month.  BUT, if you want piece of mind and you don’t feel like signing up with a bulk emailing web service then this is your best bet.

2) Signup for a mailing list manager web service such as Aweber or Email Aces.  This way you can keep your bulk emailing initiatives on a separate server (as you should!).  Plus these sites are made just for bulk mailing and guarantee 90%+ delivery rates.

I personally prefer Aweber because you can easily setup “views” if your email prospects and even send out custom newsletters according to your views.

EmailAces is not as robust, but its entry-level list management setup is great for any noob to get started with bulk mailing.

My First Squidoo Lens

I have to say I’m in love with the publishing power of Squidoo.  I’ve just signed up and created my first “lens” about how those “Get Your Free XXXX” websites work.  I figured I’d write something about this because of the tons of pop-ups and banner ads floating around now about Getting a Free iPhone.  Heck I want want, but I don’t want to go through the pain and hassle that I did to get my free iPod.  Plus I promied that I would talk about these types of sites.

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