Furby Toys for 2012– Market Trend Increasing!

Furby 2012 toys amazon I’ve reported in my last post that the Furby toys for 2012 are a hot item.  I wanted to wait a few weeks before I posted a follow-up post, showing indeed how the trend is increasing.  As the Christmas holiday gets closer, I’m sure we’ll even be seeing much more Furby stuff floating around.

So for the past 90 days, the web search interest trend for Furby has steadily increased in popularity, based primarily on news headlines, but that seems to be the driving force behind “hot” items year after year:

So the next natural step for the consumer is to find these items and find them cheaply.  This is easily seen by looking at the currently rising terms used to find information on the Furby for 2012.  In fact, the terms Walmart Furby and Amazon Furby have increased by at the least 200% over the past 90 days.

What does this mean to affiliate marketers?  This means it is time to start plugging your Walmart and Amazon affiliate links for Furby toys.  I’ve already done so, and I will continue to do so for the next month. 

The other rising search stars for the Furby toys is something I typically neglect to consider.  What seems to go with toys, movies, cartoons, or whatever these days is an app companion for the iPad, iPhone or Android device.  If you currently have an Apple iTunes affiliation (maybe through Linkshare), you may want to start some chatter with the Furby apps.

Oh wow, I just noticed this cool little Furby, the FURBY, Raincloud

Coupon Codes Explained

In my last post, I gave away some cool Hertz Rental Car Coupon Codes, which I might add are coupon codes for 2010.  Since yesterday a few people asked me what the heck is an online coupon code.  Well if you don’t know then you are seriously missing out on some great chances to save some cash.

I’ve decided to repurpose/repost a previous article explaining what online coupon codes are and how they actually work. 

Just last month my wife had mentioned to me that she had just spent a certain amount of money for a shirt online, but was angry because her girlfriend had told her that she had coupon code to use for the website, which would have saved my wife 20% on the purchase. I thought to myself, oh cool! "Where did she get a coupon code?", I asked. She told me that there is a cool website that posts coupons codes to all sorts of products.

Since my job is to know about online marketing, the first thing that came to mind was "HEY! Coupons and rebate codes? Sounds like some kind of affiliate program!" She then showed me the site and then low-and-behold, the links on the coupon code and rebates sites where for stores and products that had actually promoted in the past from Commission Junction and Linksynergy!

Clicking on the store links from the rebate and coupon code website revealed the all-too-familiar cj.com and linksynergy "hop links." Immediately I felt that my wife and her friend had been tricked by a shady affiliate marketer. I searched around for more coupon and rebate websites and found pleny more. Most are community and forum based. ALL with affiliate links. I even went over to cj.com and searched a few links and found that almost all of my affiliated vendors had coupon codes that you could pass out.

I never really knew what to do with those things, but thanks to my wife, my mind has been opened and I’ve been exploring new ideas in affiliate marketing.

If you’re not too familiar with affiliate marketing, briefly explained it is like this: Many commercial companies (Target, Walmart, Eddie Bauer and others) reach out to online marketing and promotion companies to drum up business. Websites such as Commission Junction, Linksynergy and others act as an intermediary for affiliate marketers and commercial companies.

The premise is this: The big company says "If you promote our products, we will give you a percentage of the sale." All the affiliate marketer has to do is use the provided promotional items provided by the affiliate intermediary, tied in with their assigned affiliate id. The promotional items can be anything from text ads, email campaigns, banners, and YES, coupon, rebate and promotional codes.

The next step is for the savvy online marketing dude to start a website that says "HEY! I’ve got coupon codes for the stuff you are looking for!" When in actuality, the codes are simply promotional incentives provided by the company in the first place. Some people may think they are getting a deal by discovery a super kept online promotional code and rebate website when really it is there for anyone to use. Like many people, the fact that there is a coupon code will really entice you to purchase items you may not have purchased in the first place. So the natural flow is this:

  1. Big Company provides the Affiliate Marketing Person with awesome, hard to find coupon and rebate codes
  2. Affiliate Marketing Person tells his users of the new code
  3. User goes wild, uses the promotional code and purchases the product
  4. Big company gets a sale, affiliate gets a percentage of the sale users feels like they made a good decision :)

So there you have it, in a nutshell, coupon and rebates websites exposed. I’m not saying they are scams….coupons are good! But don’t think you have to buy something just because you have a coupon or promotional code! :)

Hertz Rental Car Coupon Codes

hertz-rental-car-coupon I have the latest and best Hertz rental car coupon codes that you can find.  I had to find the codes out of necessity because my friend was in a bind an needed a car rental for his trip to Phoenix.

This Hertz rental car coupon gets you 20%  off a 1 week rental: 

CDP # 1828722

This coupon code gets you a 50% savings.  Valid for weekend rentals:

Just visit the Hertz rental car website to reserve your rental car and fill out the code on the form.

That is all I have for Hertz Renal Car for now, but I’ll be posting a few more coupon codes when I find them.

Black Friday Deals for Sirius XM Satellite Stuff

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.I just got word that Sirius just announced a $70 savings on their Radio, plus another $100 back when you subscribe.  The deal is on both the Stiletto 2 and the Xpress Radios.  The offers are only good from Thursday, 11/26/2009-12/1/2009.  

The Stiletto 2 is worth the extra money because of its compact size, good graphics, and really good
reception.  Take advantage of this Black Friday deal while you can.

Nintendo wii

Ask any average Joe a simple question. Which is the smallest home gaming console today? You will get the correct answer. It is of course nintendo wii.
The publicity around this term smallest gaming home console was so great that practically everybody knows this simple fact by this time now. There is some interesting info here. The company itself wanted to promote this product only as wii. The company had deliberately avoided to use word Nintendo in its publicity campaigns. But for the average Joe, it remains nintendo wii in his mind. The funny part is that this Nintendo wii was supposed to be named as revolution originally.

In modern days you have to decide about your goals first. This has to be at the start of the developing the new gaming consol. What were the goals defined at the development stage of this nintendo wii system? The first was about the size of the new nintendo wii system. The company was very much influenced by the example of this walkman in the early audio era. It wanted something in the gaming console field. So the first goal was about the future size of this nintendo wii system. You make stack of two or three DVD case. You will get some form and size. The goal was to keep the final size of this new gaming console called as nintendo wii in this size range. The actual size of this nintendo wii system is 44x157x215.4 in mm units. It is obvious that this company has met its goal about the size in this nintendo wii system very successfully. As the size got reduced the weight also got reduced. In the seventh generation gaming consoles, this is the lightest of all available in the market. This nintendo wii system weighs only 1.2 kg.

As far as the target customer is concerned this nintendo wii system had a different aim. It was decided that the goal should be family audience. This means the family as a whole should be enjoying this nintendo wii game console playing.

The challenge before the developers of this nintendo wii game console was to make it easy for even a 103 year old pensioner to play this game console. Whether there is a small kid of the family or whether the oldest person wants to play games, both must be able to use and enjoy playing on this nintendo wii system. The market sales prove that this goal was also met by this nintendo wii system.

You had to introduce lot many new features in the nintendo wii system, if you want to attract the customers. The design team was told to design this nintendo wii system in such a manner that it should add to the interior decoration of the home. This goal was also met with successfully in the creation of this nintendo wii system. This nintendo wii system is one of the most successfully created and marketed product.

Cool Wii things: