SEO for Google Images

seo google imagesOne thing to always remember is to take advantage of SEO for Google Images.  Just a few tips to take advantage of getting indexed in Google with your Images. (From Digital Point) Make sure you don’t miss out on the traffic image search can bring (if you post images on your blog or website) here are the factors you should take note of:

1. Text Surrounding Images – Note that the distance of the text from the image also counts so it makes sense to place the image as near as possible to the related text.

2. text of pages linking to the picture

3. the number of websites containing the same or similar image – This helps determine relevancy of image to the search term

4. size of image – Usually the image with higher resolution ranks better. Note though that users can filter search results by file size. The reasoning behind this may be more for the viewing pleasure since a higher resolution image looks better.

5. Image Resolution – Remember though that loading your page with lots of high resolution images may bog down your site causing it to have a longer loading time. Make sure you do not sacrifice usability and accessibility!

6. link relationships between images – Images that are linked together and have related associated text will help determine relevancy

7. frequency of image’s appearance in website – This pertains to logos and other recurring images. It helps determine importance and relevance of image to the website topic.

8. face and name detection – The more faces on an image the higher it is usually ranked. On the other hand if a specific name is queried then a single face with the person searched for will rank better.

Patent Proof of Weather Modification

weather-modification This is some really cool stuff…actual patents that related specifically with weather modificationPatent #4686605, Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere is an invention by Bernard J. Eastlund in 1985…just over 20 years ago.

Another interesting patent, which is related to the “Russian Woodpecker” is patent # 4999637, Creation of artificial ionization clouds above the earth.  This is some crazy stuff.  To say that Global Warming isn’t made made makes you wonder how false that statement is!

These patents are enough to make you think twice about the causes of global warming :)

Domain Registrar Hijacking

Just today I received a letter in my mailbox from a company called Domain Listing Service claiming that one of my domains is set to expire and that I need to renew it before it is too late.  Tell me something I don’t already know.

But what bothered me most about this piece of literature was that it included and order form that basically stated that to ensure listing by March that I needed to remit payment before the end of February.  Interesting.  I’ve never heard of this company, so why would I want to send them a check for $65 to renew one of my domain names when I know I purchased the domain name from the same place I usually purchase domains names from for only 11 dollars for the year.

I have been buying and selling domain names for over ten years and seeing a letter like this was quite suspect.  I certainly know better than to drop everything, panic and pay some other company to host my domain listing.  However there are many other people who will receive a letter such as this and feel that they have no choice!  In fact, one of my client’s who actually purchased their domain name from Go Daddy received a letter like this one, but from another company…asking $120 to renew the domain name.  What a total rip-off.

So to ensure that you are not getting ‘jacked, remember the following things:

  • Keep all of your paperwork when purchasing domains
  • Remember the duration of your domain registrations
  • Discard any domain renewal offers that come to your regular snail-mail unless you registered a domain from a company that only has mail-in registries (chances are this won’t happen)
  • You are under NO obligation to renew your domain name through any other company other than the place you purchased it from.


Useful Domain Registration Links:

Can you play regular DVDs on a Blu-Ray Player?

 Magnavox-Blu-ray-Disc-Player-75020 A few people have recently asked me if they could play regular DVDs on a Blu-Ray player. The answer is YES. In fact, the Blue-Ray player will up-convert your DVDs to 1080i.

I think the trend will be Blue-Ray players for now on anyways. Sure, some will cost a pretty penny, but there are a few inexpensive ones out there to start. In particular, Magnavox has an entry-level Blu-Ray DVD player at a low price under $100.