Unfollow all on Twitter with Javascript

unfollow all on twitter scriptFolks have been asking me lately if it is possible to have a script run to unfollow all on their Twitter account.  But how to unfollow all on Twitter is a tricky subject.  Can you really unfollow all on Twitter without having to pay a website?  Well, yes it is possible, heck with Javascript and a console, pretty much anything is possible.  Below is a small line of source code that you can paste into your Chrome Javascript console and this will do the trick of unfollowing everybody.

I’m sure you have plenty of reasons to mass unfollow people, but don’t forget that Twitter does have its own set of guidelines of automation.  Although Twitter says that they don’t have an upper bound on follow/unfollow actions permitted, however they disallow bulk, automated, and aggressive follow/unfollow behavior.

Finally, how to unfollow all on Twitter – The script

So the script is from JamieMason called unfollow.js.  What you need to do to get it to work is this:

Go to https://twitter.com/following

Keep scrolling to the bottom until all of your followers are loaded.

Go to the Javascript console in Chrome and paste this in and press enter:

[].slice.call(document.querySelectorAll(‘stream-container .unfollow-text’)).forEach(function(button) {


Let this thing run for a bit and you should be good to go.

Tony Schiffbauer – The Sexiest Man in Hollywood?

tony-rocks-is-sexy-in-hollywood Well it is true that Tony Schiffbauer is THE sexiest man in Hollywood!  Why is that? Well, it is obvious that since he is the sexiest man in Pittsburgh, the Sexiest man in New York, it is by default that he is the sexiest man in Hollywood by simply flying over the place.

Tony has found that being the sexiest man in Hollywood does come with some perks…still, not sure what they are but they do exist.

Rock on Tony Rocks…Hollywood can’t get enough of you.

Mass Unfollow on Twitter

mass-unfollow-twitter Having a ton of followers on Twitter is great, but sometimes you just want to unfollow those who don’t follow you.  This is easier said than done when you only have about 100 or so followers, but when You hit over 1000+ followers, it makes it very difficult to unfollow all of those jerks.

I’ve found a great site that mass unfollows users for you automatically.  All you have to do is enter your Twitter name and password and then select go.

You have the choice to:

  • Unfollow all who do not follow you back
  • Unfollow all
  • Follow all who follow you

This is a great free service for Twitter accounts of no more than 1800 followers.  The site is called Huitter and their tool is called Mutuality.

Check it out and mass unfollow those jerks today!

How to increase the number of social followers

skittles-cd-front-cover Many people ask me, Tony, how the heck to I increase my number of followers and fans on Twitter or Facebook?  I tell them it is simple, start passing out a few bucks here and there and soon you will be on your path to enlightenment.

Seriously, you don’t need to spend any money to get more followers or fans on Twitter of Facebook.  What you can do is try to remember that your social media outlets are there to have others recommend you to others and that is really how you increase your base. 

There are a few things you can do such as post your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube links on your company’s website and then HOPE they will follow you, OR you can take the approach Skittles did and randomly redirect their company website to their social websites.  This is a great technique that can increase the awareness of your social media initiatives.  This is a pretty slick idea that I’m willing to try out.  Don’t be annoyed if you expect to see the awesome Tony Rocks homepage, but then get redirected to my Twitter page :)

Viral Facebook Applications

virla-Facebook_Application_1 If have not already created a Facebook applications, then you are seriously missing out.  The Facebook application framework (APIs available for .NET and PHP) is so forgiving that creating a viral Facebook application can be done in minutes.

Creating the app is one thing, but creating a viral application is the primary purposes of spending any time on creating one.  Brady Communications took the simple, yet effective concept of the snowball application and applied it to paintball!

With the snowball application, you can throw virtual snowballs at your friends.  Sounds silly, right?  It is! But it is brilliant and the app spread virally like nobody could have ever imagined!

Brady Communications applied the same viral concepts of the snowball applications and applied it to the sport of Paint Ball!  So rather than throwing snowballs, you can shoot paint balls at your friends.  What makes the Brady viral Facebook application cooler than the snowball application is that your screen gets plastered with paintball splats.   Pretty cool in my book.

Upon the launch of the paintball viral Facebook application it gained 1000+ user the first weekend alone (when web traffic is typically slower).  The viral application helped doubled the client’s Facebook fan base.